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My purpose with creating this site is to inspire people to engage in their own health and well-being, from the simplest level to most profound. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) and Holistic health and nutrition at a young age and have embraced it as not only a meaningful and rewarding career but as an abundant lifestyle.  I’ve spent more than 2 decades practicing and teaching these principles. I’ve set up this site both as a resource for others as well as a creative play land for me. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.  April

Autumn 2017–I am in the process of updating my site. Watch for great changes.


April Crowell

Diplomate, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Dipl. ABT. NCCAOM)
Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN)
AOBTA Certified Instructor   april@pulseholistichealth.com

I love my career and lifestyle, and I was fortunate to fall into it at a very young age–right out of high school.  My goal is to inspire and teach healthier living through Amma therapy, Asian medicine and holistic nutrition–and I am here to create.

I believe in humanity’s infinite potential.   We have the ability to do the greatest good for all life on this planet and and beyond.  I know love and hope to be universal truths. It was imperative for me to find a line of work that embodied my core beliefs–I know I have found that in Holistic health, Nutrition and Chinese medicine.

I began studying and practicing Aikido and Asian philosophy, medicine and meditation in 1989.  I moved to studying KungFu and Karate in a few later then, in 1993, I had stumbled across Amma Therapy. A highly refined system of whole living and preventative medicine.  Perfect!  I had found what I was searching for.  Chinese medicine at its finest is not static, ever evolving, ever deep levels of knowledge that can benefit every aspect of life if you let it.  From 1995-2011, I worked at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts serving in many capacities including administrative, advertising and as the Boise Lead Amma Therapy Instructor.  Read more here.

Amma Therapy
Amma therapy, like acupuncture and other Asian bodywork forms, focuses on the balance and movement of Qi (energy) within the body. Whereas the acupuncturist inserts needles into the energy pathways to stimulate and move the energy, the Amma practitioner relies primarily on the sensitivity and strength of the hands to manipulate the client’s Qi. Amma therapy techniques include both deep-tissue manipulation, that is used in other forms of therapeutic massage, and the stimulation of Qi movement that is the basis of Chinese medicine. Although there is a basic form, Amma therapy is highly adaptable to the client’s needs. For example, a client with fibromyalgia or cancer may need a very gentle treatment compared to the depth and vigor of treatment that an athlete can handle. We have to meet each client where they are at and then work to reach or maintain health. Some practitioners specialize and work with only certain clients, however, Amma can be used for all ages and all stages of health. I treat young and old, athletes to those who are ill.

A Little Amma Therapy History
Amma therapy’s origins date back nearly 5,000 years to the time of the Yellow Emperor (Hwaung Di). Hwuang Di is accredited with being the first to codify medicine in the Hwaung Di Ni Jing. First mentions of this text were during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-25BCE). Like other lineages, oral history predated this text–so who really knows how far back it goes. Amma literally means ‘push-pull’ and is recognized as one of the oldest Chinese words for bodywork or massage. The form of Amma therapy I practice comes from the lineage of Tina (Kim) Sohn. Like other members of Kim family, a ruling class in Korea, Tina was educated in Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, philosophy, bodywork, herbs and martial arts.  She married Dr. Robert Sohn and brought Amma Therapy to New York in 1964. I was trained at the Wellspring School by Rylen Feeney beginning in 1993. I stayed with the school working as an apprentice and then moved into teaching and directing the programs from 1995-2010.  Read more.


Amma Therapy along the calf.

Choosing a nutritionist to work with can be a challenge.  The media is flooded with ideas of what is good and bad in the realm of food.  And those ideas seem to change from week to the next, all the more reason to have a clear picture of the nutritionist’s approach to food.  My foundations in food come from my upbringing on a small, productive family farm and my chosen career in Asian medicine and a deep understanding of western nutritional ideas.  Asian medicine’s energetic understanding of foods and herbs is amazingly simple yet profound, and can work well with western nutrition’s understanding of food and healing–if we let it.  The food we choose to ingest can be our best source of vitality and healing…or our biggest self hindering process.  I do not believe there is one “right” diet.  Our needs vary based on our age, constitution, gender and general health.  If you have a very weak or compromised digestion, regularity and routine in eating habits are perhaps, the most important habits you can have.  Read more.

I created the Energetics Temperature of Foods poster as a guide for those interested in understanding food’s natures to a deeper level.  Get your copy today.

Watch for my upcoming books 2017!

I have been teaching since 1994. I offer a variety of classes for both the public, apprenticeship and continuing education for Asian medicine and nutrition practitioners.  Watch for dates of upcoming classes and workshops.

Everyday Living 12-Week ProgramBegins in August 2017. This program is ideal for ‘lay person’ or practitioner alike. Participants will learn the foundational theories of Asian medicine and nutrition and how to apply them to their every day lives.

Amma Apprenticeship–As an AOBTA Certified Instructor I offer apprenticeship training in Amma Therapy. Apprentices commit to a course of study that meets the AOBTA’s required 500 hour for national certification.  I am looking at starting a new group in 2018.

View my other classes here.

Loaded with with information this 18 x 24 inch poster gives you the Asian energetic temperature and flavors of hundreds of foods. 

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What people are saying

April is amazing!
She has great technique and fabulous point work. I really enjoyed my treatment.


After my session I always wonder why it took me so long to come in 🙂 . . . . .JE

Have had two Amma sessions with April and my back pain has been significantly reduced already. I have also been given some good dietary advice for my arthritis. I will comment again in the future but so far I am a most satisfied client. Thank you April.  RT

April helped my healing journey more in one visit than all my doctors combined… She is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive and I’m finally feeling relief from my symptoms that were holding me back from joy and health. Thank you!  LV

Another great treatment from April. She is so knowledgeable – I learn something about myself every visit. And it feels so good too.  VL


If I were younger, I would definitely study with April.  As it turns out, however, I became a “patient of hers.”  While fully believing in the value of Eastern healing & often seeing how Western healing lacks, my heart is in Holistic Healing.  It fits me, and everything that has ever worked for me.  Possibly, I may never have the formal opportunity to be an educator of this respected interest, but many of the principles, have influenced my direction.   While I practice with physicians trained in Western medicine, I totally believe and have a desire to learn more of what April has; to support this valuable “lifestyle,” and to incorporate the knowledge (in my own nursing practice), about which I still have much to learn.  Safe to say that my instincts tell me it is very good.  It fits me; my values, and it will hopefully allow me to enjoy the maximum life benefits, that I as an individual can maintain, as I move into the senior years.  SS

April Crowell

At Pulse Holistic Health

725 N. 15th. Boise, Idaho 83702      208.995.8272  aprilfcrowell@gmail.com

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