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April is amazing!
She has great technique and fabulous point work. I really enjoyed my treatment.

After my session I always wonder why it took me so long to come in 🙂 . . . . .JE

Have had two Amma sessions with April and my back pain has been significantly reduced already. I have also been given some good dietary advice for my arthritis. I will comment again in the future but so far I am a most satisfied client. Thank you April.  RT

April helped my healing journey more in one visit than all my doctors combined… She is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive and I’m finally feeling relief from my symptoms that were holding me back from joy and health. Thank you!  LV

Another great treatment from April. She is so knowledgeable – I learn something about myself every visit. And it feels so good too.  VL


If I were younger, I would definitely study with April.  As it turns out, however, I became a “patient of hers.”  While fully believing in the value of Eastern healing & often seeing how Western healing lacks, my heart is in Holistic Healing.  It fits me, and everything that has ever worked for me.  Possibly, I may never have the formal opportunity to be an educator of this respected interest, but many of the principles, have influenced my direction.   While I practice with physicians trained in Western medicine, I totally believe and have a desire to learn more of what April has; to support this valuable “lifestyle,” and to incorporate the knowledge (in my own nursing practice), about which I still have much to learn.  Safe to say that my instincts tell me it is very good.  It fits me; my values, and it will hopefully allow me to enjoy the maximum life benefits, that I as an individual can maintain, as I move into the senior years.  SS

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