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Hello all! I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

I am not offering hands-on treatments – yet. 

Idaho is now in Phase 3 of re-opening businesses. As we move forward I hope every one is safe and cautious. Idaho still has testing issues (availability, declining to test those who are asymptomatic, etc) and contact tracing isn’t up to speed yet. This is still a new virus that spreads easily and asymptomatically.  Reopening may be okay for some businesses, but different businesses require different considerations. Amma therapy is personal contact, which requires a significant amount of adaptation for the business and is still not free of health or legal risks for practitioner and client. I am continuing to watch and stay informed, weighing risks, benefits and logistics of how and when to start offering Amma again. I’ve quite the check list going – informed by the AMTA, the AOBTA and the NCCAOM. I’ve consulted a number of my trusted peers as I recognize that the governor of Idaho probably doesn’t understand my line of work and specific concerns in regards to health and legal issues. I am also watching the guidelines, protocols and restrictions of the CDC, WHO, OSHA and Idaho’s laws and orders.  I have to follow my conscious on this one. Hopefully, I will be able to treat you in person again soon. I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

When I do return to treating in person, I will be in a new location, somewhere downtown or in the Northend.  My schedule and availability will likely shift due to safety protocols and practices. 

I have new business phone number 208-918-1895. I will answer it during regular business hours unless I am unavailable. You can also easily reach me via email or Facebook. Booking for online sessions are available through my Square appointments. As soon as I can offer hands-on sessions I will open those slots up on Square appointments, too.  I will be carrying a small inventory of herbs and supplements, choosing the formulas that I use the most from as sustainable of a source as possible. Onward!

I hope you have a wonderful week. For those of you who are suffering right now, I wish you comfort and support. 

Be well – April


Online consultations are available for nutrition and Asian medicine assessment (of course I can’t do pulses online, but we can get a lot done). I have opened more time slots and temporarily reduced my rates to help us navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Appointments can be scheduled for 1/2 for $25 or 1 hour for $50.

The following are my current openings. These appointments are booked via my square appointments. 

Tuesday, Mentoring – 11-2 pm
Wednesday, 10 am – 12 pm & 2 pm – 4 pm
Thursday, 10 am – 12 pm & 2 pm – 4 pm
Friday, 10 am-1 pm


March 23rd, 2020

Contributions at this time will go to helping me offset my income lost from not being able to offer hands on treatments.

Thank you,



When I first met April, I had severe numbness in my left arm.  I had had a MRI, chiropractics, and traditional massage without any lasting relief.  April’s skill with Amma techniques and honest, questioning style, not only eliminated the numbness in one treatment but also redirected my lifelong path toward wellness.  If you are willing to listen and truly reflect, April offers more than a 50 minute treatment. Whenever I follow the insight gained from the treatment table, I find that my life improves in ways I didn’t expect.

My background is education.  I find April to be an outstanding educator.  She has depth to her knowledge which allows her to be open to discussion and questions.  April is a constant student. Her style nicely combines teacher and student to create a rewarding learning environment.  I look forward to taking more classes from her in the future.   – J.W. 

I have been a client of Pulse Holistic Health and April’s for many years.  I have been extremely happy with the care I receive. Amma has helped me greatly with my back problems…I always feel better after a treatment. They have wonderful information on dietary and methods for healing.  The therapists at Pulse are excellent and very knowledgeable and they go out of their way to be helpful. Last winter I fell and hurt my back. I called and someone saw me within an hour. I would recommend Pulse to anyone. –M. F.

I have worked with April for a number of years, first as an instructor in my Amma program and later for Asian body work  treatments and as a wholistic nutrition consultant. This work has opened many new vistas. I am trained as a mental health professional. My work with April added a new dimension to my thinking and life work. I’d highly recommend using April’s services to anyone seeking to improve health which improves every other aspect of life in today’s world.  – G. B

April is the first health practitioner to ever ask me to further explore the story of my pain. When I opened up about my journey with pain, she listened intently then asked questions. Each session I have with April, she shifts her CM formula recommendation based on the new understanding of my body she has from what she has understood through listening to my story, my emotions, and my body. She asks questions, stays curious, and makes me feel deeply cared for. Further, the value April provides moves beyond the patient/practitioner role and into the teacher/student role. She provides this because she knows I truly want to learn and understand. I am so filled with gratitude that my path has led me to Pulse and April. I highly recommend their services to any one needing support in their body and mind. In gratitude, AW

April is the first health practitioner


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