Did you know that everything you eat creates a post metabolic phenomenon in the body?

Chinese medicine’s energetic approach to food categorizes all foods by their actions in the body. Foods affect us by their temperature and flavors.  You don’t have to be overwhelmed with food, we need to be flexible and enjoy, but having simple pragmatic knowledge of how to eat to best benefit you in times of health or illness–is just awesome.

A food’s temperature refers to the heating or cooling effect it has on the body once it has been ingested.  Some foods like mints and seaweeds cool and overly hot system.  Peppers, ginger and garlic heat the body.  Yet others like squash may gently warm or maintain a neutral temperature.  

Each of the 5 Flavors -sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty- also have specific energetics. They each enter certain organs and nourish and support them.  In excess or deficiency, each flavor can manifest disharmonies.  Seaweeds are cooling and their salty flavor aids the Kidneys and nourishes Yin making it great for those who are excessively hot conditions like hypertension.   Freezing in winter?  Eat a root vegetable stew with a few warm pungents rather than raw leafy greens.  Hot in the summer?  Have more cooling natured foods.  The more you apply it, the simpler it becomes.

Loaded with with information this 18 x 24 inch poster gives you the Asian energetic temperature and flavors of hundreds of foods. 

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