Add Amma to your healthcare routine.

A classical Asian bodywork style that predates acupuncture. Amma – literally push-pull – is one of the oldest known Chinese words to describe bodywork. Highly specialized, Amma therapy combines deep rhythmic, circular digital pressure and acupressure point stimulation with Asian medical principles for accessing and treating imbalances in the energy system.  Amma therapy, like acupuncture and other Asian bodywork forms, focuses on the balance and movement of Qi (energy) within the body. Whereas the acupuncturist inserts needles into the energy pathways to stimulate and move the energy, the Amma practitioner relies primarily on the sensitivity and strength of the hands to manipulate the client’s Qi. Amma therapy techniques include both deep-tissue manipulation, that is used in other forms of therapeutic massage, and the stimulation of Qi movement that is the basis of Asian medicine.

Although there is a basic form, Amma therapy is highly adaptable to the client’s needs. For example, a client with fibromyalgia or cancer may need a very gentle treatment compared to the depth and vigor of treatment that an athlete can handle. We have to meet each client where they are at and then work to reach or maintain health. Some practitioners specialize and work with only certain clients, however, Amma can be used for all ages and all stages of health. I treat young and old, athletes to those who are ill.

The way I practice Amma includes nutritional and herbal recommendations and may also use adjunct therapies such as gua sha or fire cupping.

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