Grape Jelly with Honey

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Concord Grape Jelly

Luscious grape jelly is best homemade! Explore this simple recipe by mixing in other unsweetened juices, wine or a little spice. Just keep the liquid measurement the same. The honey is rich and slightly acidic and acids and adds a note of it's own flavor to the jelly.


1 package powdered pectin
2 1/2 cups pure, unsweetened organic Concord grape juice
2-2 3/4 cups honey (to taste) OR 2 1/2-3 cups organic cane sugar
splash of lemon juice


When canning, you have to prep the jars first.
Select jars of desired size, make sure the rims have no cracks or breaks.
In boiling water bath sterile jars, jar lids and rings.
Remove jars and rings, allow the lids to stay in warm water while you make the jelly.
In large, heavy pan, combine pectin and grape juice, whisking thouroughly--no lumps please.
Heat over high until bubbles form around the edges of the pan.
Slowly pour in the honey, stirring constantly.
Continue to cook allowing jelly to bubble but don't bring to a rolling boil.
Using a metal spoon, test for jelly tenacity, the jelly should thicken and slowly slide off the spoon.
Remove from heat.
Alternately stir and skim off the foam that forms.
Pour into hot sterilized glasses, secure lids and rings and leave to cool completely--about 24 hours.


Healing properties: Grapes benefit the heart, liver, blood and kidneys.

Energetics: Grapes enter Heart, Liver, Kidneys and the blood vessels, moves Qi and Blood. Nourish Blood, counters anemia, arthritis, gout, high cholesterol and arterial plaque. Honey nourishes yin and enters the Lungs.

Primary season: Autumn/ Winter

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