This is a quick blurb that I shared last fall and am re-sharing now as I’m seeing a common theme I have been seeing with online clients and students.  I will be expanding on this blog soon. – April

I’ve had a number of clients recently come in who had increased their B vitamins – these women were visibly buzzing, wound up and strung out. Many had started taking the B vitamins to help with decreased energy and fatigue, however, this was making them ungrounded and giving them scattered, frenetic energy.

My running hypothesis is that the B vitamins are too Yang ascending for someone who is lacking in Yin.  I’m still looking at this trend and there are many factors to consider so I don’t have a conclusion yet, but here is what I do know without writing a full blog.

Vitamins are mostly Yang in nature. Minerals are mostly Yin in nature.

Briefly, Yang is movement, activity, energy and fire – all wonderful and delightful. However, this fire of Yang must have adequate Yin to keep it burning. We replenish or nourish Yin by times of rest, quiescence, nourishment, grounding and fluids. It’s the oil for the fire. Without adequate Yin, the fire of Yang is too robust and will burn too hot leaving no reserves and leaving you further depleted. In these cases, increasing mineral (Yin) rich foods helped anchor and settle the client while providing a gentle increase in energy – the first steps to rebuilding a strong foundation for abundant energy.

Of course it is not all black and white (pun intended) there are shade of grey, varying degrees of Yin and Yang. Some minerals like calcium are very Yin and cold where as copper is wee bit warmer, but still very Yin compared to Vitamin C. However, starting with increasing minerals and mineral rich food if you are a very depleted is an excellent starting point. I’m talking to those of you who burn the candle at both ends, have adrenal fatigue, thyroid exhaustion, etc.  Take your minerals in the evening – the Yin time of day so they get the chance to move inward and replenish and rebuild.

Vitamins, if taken in supplement form, are usually taken during the day and used in the days activities.

I am not saying toss out your Vitamin B supplements or run to the store and buy a mineral complex, but it may be a consideration. I am a firm believer in using whole foods first whenever possible, but supplementation may be necessary. Either way, consider looking at dialing back your B vitamins and bumping up mineral rich foods as you nourish Yin.

Again, this is a bit of an over – simplification but I’ve found it to be very helpful and quite effective with many clients. When in doubt, check in with me or your healthcare practitioner to make sure you are one the right track.

Be well,