May 6 & 7-  Saturday, 9-5pm  and Sunday, 9-4pm $280

What’s the difference between Liver Yang Rising and Liver Fire Blazing? What’s a Gu pattern? How can obstruction of cold create high blood pressure?  What does it look like when Earth fails to nourish Metal?  

This is a class about connecting dots. And learning how to work client patterns and problems from different angles by applying the theories of Asian medicine. This class will focus on the identification and treatment of patterns of disharmony and their corresponding western disorders according to the theories of Asian medicine including:

  • Zang Fu (Organ Theory) Patterns
  • 6 Jiao Stages
  • 4 Levels
  • 5 Element Patterns
  • Tongue and Pulse

This is a required class for my apprentices and open to those with general knowledge of:

  • Asian Foundations and Principles
    • Yin/Yang Theory
    • 5 Element Theory
    • 8 Principles
    • Zang Fu (Organ Theory)
    • Basic Tongue and Pulse theory

Saturday, February 11, 9-5pm  and Sunday, February 12th, 9-4pm $280