2 Hours, Watch for dates in 2018 $40.

Healthy nutrition is vital in every person’s life. And nutrition should adapt with our various life stages and needs. This is especially true for pregnancy, child birth and postpartum. Many American women go into pregnancy often weak and nutrient deficient. Hopefully, and with great care, mom and her growing child can actually build and strengthen and come through pregnancy stronger.  But specific nutrition doesn’t stop with birth of baby.

In this workshop I focus on the specific needs that mom needs after her bundle of joy arrives.  We will look at organs and systems involved in childbearing and mom’s special needs to help her rebuild after childbirth and the specific needs of a nursing mom. We will cover foods to help rebuild  Qi, Blood and Fluids that a nursing mother needs. We will also look at common mental and emotional issues that may arise and how you can help mom and baby ease into their new being.

Topics covered include:

  • Women’s physiology and organs involved in reproduction and child birth according to Asian medicine.
  • The organs and channels that flow through, nourish and supply the breasts for mother’s milk.
  • Foods to nourish and rebuild Qi, Blood, and Fluids
  • Ways to deal with fatigue and mental and emotional complaints
  • What to have stocked and prepared before baby arrives
  • Addressing common postpartum concerns with simple home remedies.

Thursday, October 26th, 5-7pm, $40

Includes handout packet, because, you know…pregnancy brain.

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