6 Wednesdays –  5:30-8:30, $415

Participants in this class will be introduced to foundational theories of Chinese medicine.  This first class in a series that will focus on Taoist Cosmology– the dominant philosophy behind the principles of Chinese medicine and the concept of Yin/Yang theory.  

Following classes in this series will then move through the concepts of  holism vs. reduction-ism, the principles of Qi (energy), 8 Principle theory, Zang/Fu (Organ) Theory, channels and point system, 6 Jiao Theory,  5 Element theory, and the generation of Qi, Blood and Fluids.

This is a required course for my apprentices, and is open to public and practitioners as well.  There is no prerequisite for this class.

What we will cover

Provide a brief history of Chinese Medicine and the lineage of Amma Therapy

Taoist Cosmology – The founding principles of Chinese Medicine

The detailed principles and rules of Yin & Yang and how they are used in assessment and treatment.

The 3 Branches and 8 Limbs of Asian medicine

The 8 Principles – Yin/Yang, Hot/Cold, Excess/Deficiency, Interior/Exterior

This class is a prerequisite for many of my classes in both the Amma Apprenticeship and for Nutrition students.  I have space for 6 other participants in this classes so register early.  NCCAOM PDA’s pending.

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