Summer Quiche

Summer Quiche

Watch for dates 2016

“What’s for lunch?”

Whether it’s us or our children, too often we find ourselves trying to plan at the last minute. Many of us have very busy schedules that can make preparing and eating wholesome meals difficult–let alone packing a lunch.  Lunch doesn’t have to be a boring, bland or something that takes hours to prepare.

As requested, I will share tricks, habits and recipes that have worked for me and my family through the years to create healthy lunches and (best of all) habits for the whole family.

What we will cover

  • Budgeting time for meal planning and food prepping
  • Planning for busy days
  • Items you might need to simplify your lunch life
  • Dinner or breakfasts that can become lunches
  • Warm, cold or room temperature lunches
  • Wholesome snack foods to make or have available
  • Healthy options for if you forgot your lunch
  • Gluten free options
  • Includes recipes

 5:30-7:30, $50

watch for dates 2016