4 Wednesday  $245  – Dates to be determined, each class is 2.5 hours

I am passionate about food and how it nourishes us from the most simple to the profound levels of our being.

If you have ever worked with me or been a student of mine you will know that I use a lot of food and nutritional recommendations.  Indeed, it is where I always being and see the greatest improvements for clients and students. How and what we eat is essential to our growth, health and treatment of disease. Food can be simple or beautifully complex. It can bring us great joy in our lives and with those that we choose to share food with, or it can be overwhelming and cause discord.   This class is not about learning a mechanical approach to food, such as calorie counting, though we will touch on them when when appropriate.

My purpose with this class is to help participants understand the energetic nature of foods though the use of Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) and holistic nutrition principles and how you can include simple food wisdom into your everyday life.

What we will cover

  • The importance of self nourishment and eating well–not just how and what you eat but your mental and emotional nature around planning and preparing food for yourself and others.
  • The principles of Holistic Nutrition from both an Asian medicine perspective and western nutrition perspective.
  • After an introduction to the foundational theories of Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) including:
    • Qi, Blood, Fluids and Vital essence and their functions in the body and how they are created from your food and drink.
    • Yin/yang, excess/deficiency, hot/cold, interior/exterior we will delve deep into the each of the 5 Elements (fire, earth, metal, water & wood) and their seasons in regards to nutrition including:
      • Organs ruled by the season and its element
      • The primary flavor and its actions and indications
      • The dominate foods groups for each seasons and their actions, directions and indications
      • Seasonally appropriate cooking methods
      • Common disharmonies of the systems and seasons and how to treat them.
  • How I use or include western nutrition and eastern nutrition. For example the difference in energetic qualities between different types of proteins. No, tofu and chicken aren’t energetically the same. Fats are essential for health, but different fats have different natures and energetics, etc.

There is no prerequisite for this class.  Older teens are welcomed and encouraged.

This class is live online and will be recorded for participants.

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