Simple Remedies – Treating Common Acute Patterns With Asian Medicine & Nutrition –

Missed it the first time around? Watch for dates this spring!

$90 – includes downloadable e-book.

This class is a combination and expansion on my Colds & Flu and Herbal First Aid Classes. This class will help participants learn how to deal with simple acute pathologies – or What April do? – as some students have dubbed this class.

What would I do?

  • What do I reach for if I or Clara were fighting a cold or flu?
  • What steps do I take if I have sinus congestion, cough or sore throat?
  • What about those pesky bug bites or get a sun burn?
  • When do I reach for kudzu or orange peel?
  • When do you sweat it out or purge out heat with aloe?
  • When do I make congee or marrow, the garlic broth or reach for the hibiscus tea?

After a brief introduction to the general principles of preventative healthcare, including recognizing your own patterns, we will make sure kitchen and cupboards are well stocked with simple home remedies and herbs. We will then touch on how to identify the difference between an acute exterior pathology versus chronic patterns. Are those sniffles just an acute cold or allergy attack or are they a chronic long term pathology?

What herbs and foods are beneficial or should be avoided? We will cover simple home remedies and treatments that you can do in your own home to relieve and treat. How do you make poultices, use an enema or green clay?

Acute patterns we will cover include –

  • Colds – sore throats, coughs, fevers, chills, sinus congestion, ear aches and sore throats, etc.
  • Acute Allergies patterns
  • Flu patterns – aches, pains, nausea, vomiting
  • Skin conditions – boils, canker sores, poison ivy, poison oak, rashes, bee stings and bug bites
  • Acute digestive issues – food poisoning, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Injuries – bruises, sprains and strains
  • Shock and trauma
  • Other miscellaneous conditions like vaginitis, bladder infections and heat exhaustion

Sounds like a lot to cover?

It is, but don’t worry, participants will receive a downloadable companion ebook complete with charts, instructions and recipes. This class will also be lived streamed and recorded using the Zoom platform which will allow all students to have a video recording of the class. The book will be made available for registrants the week of the class.

I will not be teaching this onsite at Pulse unless I have significant requests to do so. You can attend this class from the comfort of your home.

Dates to be announced, $90 – includes downloadable ebook (available the week of the class).

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