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Radishes clear phlegm, nettles nourish the Blood, cucumbers clear heat and beets enter the Heart.  What should you eat when you have a cold? What should you avoid if you arthritis or IBS?

Appropriate nutrition helps us thrive at all stages of life. It’s even more important to be able to use foods wisely to assist in treatment and recovery of common ailments and the recommendations from Asian medicine’s (Chinese medicine’s) point of view may be vastly different from western medicine’s. I use food energetics extensively in my therapy practice and personal life, and this is one of my favorite classes.

This is an introductory class students will learn in how to apply Asian food energetics to westernly assessed maladies such as colds, arthritis, digestive disorders and more. To begin with, we will have a quick review of the the energetic nature and actions of foods according to Eastern energetics (Chinese Medicine) including: temperature, flavor, direction and organ entered.We will then focus on how to translate western assessments into Asian medicinal assessments (Chinese medicine) by identify the symptoms and root cause of the pattern according to Asian medicine terminology. For example, two clients may both have arthritis in western terms but using 8 Principles we may see that one is of a cold nature and one is of a hot nature. From there we will start looking at specific western disharmonies foods we use to assist in their treatment and why.

Note – My focus with this class is the utilization of whole foods from an Asian medicine perspective. In most cases we will not be speaking in terms of vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and fictionalized foods.

Pre-requisite: Students must have a firm grasp on the foundational theories of Asian medicine including

  • 5 Element basics
  • 8 Principles – Yin/Yang, Interior/Exterior, Hot/Cold, Excess/Deficient
  • Basic understanding of Qi, Blood and Fluids
  • Zang Fu Theory basics
  • Introduction to food energetics. If you have taken my Amma Apprenticeship, Everyday Living Course, Well Nourished Course or Introduction to Holistic Nutrition and Food Energetics you are good to go.

Unsure if you have the pre-requistes required for this class? Email me at and we can chat.

Space is limited to 8 in house participants (space is already held for my apprentices)

Based on demand and registration this class will be available through Zoom.

$325 standard registration. Early Bird registration by August 30th $275 ($50 savings)

Saturday, November 3rd, 9-5 pm Sunday, November 4th, 9-3 pm.