9 Thursdays, July 30th – September 24th, 5:30-7:30 pm (MDT) $475 

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I am passionate about food and nourishment, which can enrich our lives from the simplest to most profound levels of our being. If you have ever worked with me or been a student of mine you will know that I use a lot of food and nutritional recommendations.  Indeed, it is where I always begin with and see the greatest improvement with clients and students.

How and what we eat is essential to our growth, health and treatment of disease. Foods can be simple or beautifully complex. It can bring us great joy in our lives and with those that we choose to share food with, or it can be overwhelming and a source of frustration, despair, and anger.

What this class is not –

This class is not about learning a mechanical approach to food or western nutritional principles, such as calorie counting, and learning vitamins and minerals.

What this class is about – 

This class is about giving participants a strong foundation in the energetic nature of foods though the use of Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) and principles of holistic nutrition. These tools become empowering and enriching and allow us to embrace simple food wisdom in adaptive and meaningful ways, from seasonal living, conscious food choices to self treatment of disharmonies.

Classes in this program can be applied toward students or practitioners seeking to gain or upgrade their AOBTAⓇ certification. Talk directly to me about this.

Space is limited to 15 students, so I can give as much individualized attention as possible.

Module 1 – Weeks 1 -3 – Intro to Theories

Foundational Theories of Asian Medicine (Chinese Medicine) and Energetics

  • Yin & Yang Theory
  • 5 Element
  • 8 Principles
  • The Generation of Qi, Blood, Fluids
  • The Cycle of Tides
  • Zang Fu – The 12 Officials

How Energetics Work

  • Direction, temperature, action, flavor,
  • Season & Organ systems
  • Doctrine of Signatures 

The Principles of Holistic Nutrition

  • Definition
  • Whole vs fragmented
  • The importance of local, seasonal, organic and sustainable
  • Personal Habits, grace and gratitude
  • Current issues and food security

Module 2 – Weeks 4-6 – The Seasons & Their Correspondences

The Earth Element & the Season of Late Summer

The Wood Element & The Season of Spring 

The Fire Element & The Season of Summer

The Metal Element & The Season of Autumn

The Water Element & The Season of Winter

For each element we will cover –

  • The organ systems and their primary functions, and responsibilities
  • Color, sound, order, emotion, flavor, time of day, and other major correspondences
  • Seasonal foods, herbs and flowers
  • Flavor and its healing properties
  • Foods and herbs to forage
  • Appropriate habits/natures and cooking methods

Module 3 – Weeks 7-9 – Tying It All Together

  • My Favorite Western Herbs – their energetics and applications. These are easy to find, grow, or already in your kitchen cupboard. 
  • How to start assessing and treating your patterns –
    • Exterior & Interior Causes of Disease & 6 Pernicious Influences 
    • Tongue assessment
    • Common Organ system patterns
  • Bach Flower and Essential oils

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