July 13, 2020

My mother asked me the other day how long the virus lives on plastic. I realized didn’t have the answer (even if the answer was “it’s still unknown”) to this or several other questions that clients and students asked me. Time to research and get up to date.  As this is a new virus, our understanding of how it behaves will be clearer over time and there are still a lot of unknowns. It takes time to understand new things. 

By request – I have created this page for links for these sites and articles that I have found to be beneficial in understanding the coronavirus and its impact on all aspects of our lives. These are reputable stats and graphs and scholarly studies.  This page is a work in progress and will take me a little time to populate it. It is not intended to overwhelm or and has no political agenda. I am interested in keeping people informed and helping keep people from getting sick. 

Current Guidelines and Recommendations

Current Stats & Charts

Western Medical Findings

What Other Countries Are Doing

Right actions – I have found that some of the public service announcements coming out of other countries is far better than we are seeing here. Wait…now that I think about it, have I seen an actual public service announcement for the US?

Chinese Medicine Studies & Reports