Considering signing up for my newsletter?

I’ve had a number of people ask me what I put in my newsletter, so here you go.

I generally send out a newsletter either bi-weekly or weekly based on my workload and how much I’m teaching. Right now it’s weekly.

Newsletter contents vary depending on season and patterns that I am seeing, treating or teaching about in both the community and the world at large. Here’s my general layout

  • Pertinent quote – seasonal or inspirational
  • Updates from me – schedule changes, projects I’m working on, Clara is up to, what’s happening at Pulse.
  • Upcoming Classes & Specials
  • Blogs- These are based on the theme of the week – this is truly at my whim but it will cover pertinent topics – seasons, flavors, common patterns of disharmony and how Asian medicine addresses them, the state of our planet and current concerns like food security.
  • Recipes to support the blog or theme.

All content is created by me Рthough you will see some blogs coming from Clara soon.  All blogs and recipes are currently up on my site which I view as a educational tool and resource for other Рnot just a whimsical playground for me to write what I care about.

I am choosing to keep my site free of advertising and receive support for my site through donations – Thank you!

Be well,