This is a recent post by Julia Tubor.  Julia and the other administrator at Massage, Health Practitioners and Covid-19. have done a fantastic job of researching and moderating a page. Their foot work has saved me hours of hunting.

If you are giving or receiving hands on therapies such as Amma or massage right now, I recommend you take some time to read through and see what concerns practitioners and clients in this field face. I have included the images mentioned in Julia’s post below.

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A brief review: 

We are NOT advocating working unless you live and work in an area where the reproduction rate is under 1, and there are 3 or fewer new cases per 100,000 residents.

Sustained close contact professions that do their work in poorly ventilated, warm, dark environments are not safe during the circumstances of this pandemic. We literally have thousands of posts discussing these things and providing evidence. 

If you have a specific question about a particular topic, please use the “search” function for this group, and you’ll have immediate access to every post or comment ever made containing whatever keywords you choose. You’ll notice we often include hashtags for that reason — we love cross-referencing and keeping things organized by reviving and refining prior conversations and guidance. 

Our primary cause for concern over practicing massage therapy during a pandemic that involves airborne transmissible diseases are: 

1. Maintaining 6ft (3m) of physical distancing in our work is not possible. Current studies prove that the 6ft rule is outdated, and we really should be 12ft (9m) or more away from others we don’t live with.

2. Unless you can guarantee your room is exceptionally well ventilated and achieving 12 or more air changes per hour, coupled with an exhaust fan running and humidity levels between 40-60%, it is not safe to share it with someone who does not live with you, even if you are both masked. (Imagine how easily one lit cigarette or cigar can fill an entire house with the odor of smoke. This virus works in a similar fashion, only you cannot smell or see it. It permeates everything it comes into contact with.)

3. Spending more than 5-15 minutes in close contact with someone who does not live with you is very dangerous, even with masks. This risk increases the less fresh air and sunlight there is, and more consistently warm the environment is. 
4. Verbal communication in the room during service is essential, and yet not advised because the virus is airborne, and even breathing in the same enclosed space is considered unsafe. Talking, crying, or laughter increase that risk. 
5. 40-45% of COVID-19 cases are spread by asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers, so screening for safety is only 60% effective or less, and is highly dependent on how honest and aware your clients are about the virus, how it works, their exposure and their behaviors.
6. COVID-19 often manifests with hyper-coagulation, meaning blood clots are easily formed and heat can contribute to that phenomenon. While this immune response is not exclusive to this virus, we must treat all clients as if they are at risk of having a stroke, which means all high pressure, scraping, cupping and heating techniques need to be avoided. Even if they are survivors of COVID-19, this is something we must take into account.
If you have questions of a personal nature, you may always reach out to one of the admins or moderators privately.
We see that many of you are persisting in working during these extremely dangerous times. We know that for many, it is a matter of urgency that you are able to cover your bills (the entire management team for the group is running on fumes, we *truly* understand). We urge you to please do everything in your power to not work for the next two to three weeks, and seek other forms of employment. 
In the United States, the number of dead *per day* is the equivalent to all those souls lost in the 9/11 attacks. We are on track to have 300,000 dead by Christmas. Please, treat this with the urgency and gravity it demands. 
We started this group so we could do all we could to NOT be a part of the problem, but part of the solution. Please, we are begging you, BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.
The first photo: I am including a photo of my friend’s post from yesterday. She was pulled from her state job to work as a contact tracer a week ago, and this is a true story of one of her cases yesterday. She is located in California.