April’s Update –

Out of office times:

I will be out of the office October 9th -12th to attend an online class. Time to expand my knowledge and skills. 

I am available online or by phone

Following my conscience, I will continue to rest my hands to help slow the spread of the virus and other illnesses. I am hopeful we weather this well. As has become my routine, I will continue to watch the science, current numbers and help you stay informed.  I keep close track across the pond (Ireland and the EU) and they are already seeing another wave and talks of shut downs loom. Clara’s safe in her small group, and ready to be settled in for a few months – she’s even bought herself a little portable sewing machine. Whether she has time to use it once school starts, we shall see, but all pubs and indoor dining are shut back down again. Please take extra precautions to protect yourself and your family. Maybe grab a few extra groceries and a few puzzles. 

I know the information about the Coronavirus can be confusing, recent events with the CDC aren’t helping matters. Fortunately, a group of scientists starting pooling the information on how the virus spreads for themselves. The studies are regularly updated studies. If you like details check it out. I ran across this in a bodywork practitioners/massage group that is helping bodyworkers navigate Covid-19 (laws, concerns, insurance, etc). As always, I continue to stay abreast of the TCM work and studies with herbs, etc.

I am so grateful that we have the technology to be able to connect with friends, family and our clients. I’ve been very impressed with the avenues that have opened up to offer online care and education to clients, old and new.  My sessions are highly personalized, one person may need an hour consultation care and connection. Booking for online sessions are available through my Square appointments, and feel free to call or message me if you have questions at aprilfcrowell@gmail.com.

I have new business phone number 208-918-1895. I will answer it during regular business hours unless I am unavailable. You can also easily reach me via email or Facebook. Onward. 

Changes to my main website aprilcrowell.com are happening too! I have a new webmaster and I am shifting things around as I move class offerings over to the Thinkific site. Aprilcrowell.com will become a resource website for recipes, posts, blogs, services and my posters.

Thank you all for your understanding and support. I am blessed and grateful and hope this storm will settle soon.

Be safe, be well – April