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January 2019 – 

Amma Apprenticeship 2019? – The February meeting date is to be rescheduled. I will set a date for late March or early April.

 I have some interest in people from here and abroad in learning Amma Therapy. Some are interested in just the theory, some are interested in learning the theory and form. I am mulling over various options and ways to run the program and its classes feasibly and will present in February. Possibilities include theory classes being live online and intensives for technique so those out of town can attend. Again, I have nothing firmed up yet and am looking at options.  The meeting can be attended in person at Pulse Holistic Health or joined online. Please let me know if you are interested. In the meantime, please note that any class I offer – even those online -is either already a required part of the program or can be recognized as an elective in the curriculum. You can view the curriculum as it currently stands below

I offer a variety of classes for public and holistic healthcare professionals.

Classes are registered through me or my site and I teach them at Pulse Holistic Health (725 N. 15th, Boise, Idaho) unless otherwise noted.

What’s Next?

Other Classes & Programs

A sampling of what I’ve taught. These classes are not currently scheduled.

Amma Apprenticeship

As an AOBTA Certified Instructor I offer apprenticeship training in Amma Therapy. Apprentices commit to a course of study that meets the AOBTA’s required 500 hour for national certification. I take a maximum of 6 people for this program, so please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

Class: Delicate Digestion – March 14th, 2019

Class: Amma Apprenticeship With April

Class: Foundational Theories Of Chinese Medicine 1

Class: Managing Seasonal Allergies–Watch for dates

Class: Prepping For College

Class: Pulse Assessment & Practice For Practitioners-

Class: Gua Sha (Frictioning) Class

Class: Postnatal Nutrition

Class: Everyday Living Course Curriculum

Class: The Patterns Of Disease–

Student Clinic–Ongoing Wednesdays–Watch for dates

Class: Building An Ethical Practice

Class: Holistic Tips for Colds & Flus

Class: Zang Fu–Channel Theory

Class: The 5 Elements & Seasons

Class: Foundational Theories Of Chinese Medicine 2