Watch for information on my 2018 classes coming soon!

I offer a variety of classes for public and holistic healthcare professionals.

Classes are registered through me or my site and I teach them at Pulse Holistic Health at 725 N. 15th, Boise, Id 208.955.8272.  Space is limited so be sure to save your spot today.

Amma Apprenticeship 2018

As an AOBTA Certified Instructor I offer apprenticeship training in Amma Therapy. Apprentices commit to a course of study that meets the AOBTA’s required 500 hour for national certification.

I’ve had a number of people ask me when my next apprenticeship will start up.  Short answer–late summer or early fall 2018.  I will be running clinic with my first group of apprentices through April/May and will continue to offer a number of lecture classes for students, alumni and the public.  Many of these classes can be used toward certifications necessary if you are interested in joining the apprenticeship, however, some classes may have prerequisites.  I will take a break during summer.  I am looking at revising how I’ve run the apprenticeship so far and should have plans in place by mid spring for how the next apprenticeship will run.  Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops