2 Wednesday, January 17th & 31st, 5:30-8:00 pm $115

This class is an excellent opportunity for practitioners to improve and refine their pulse taking skills and is open to my alumni and practitioners with general knowledge of pulse assessment.

We will focus on practicing and applying the principles of classical and contemporary pulse assessment. After a review of general pulse taking principles we will work on refining the subtle skills for improved pulse taking.  We will cover pulse positions, identifying excess/deficiency, exterior/interior and Zang Fu (organ locations) and depths. RAIRS–rate, amplitude, intensity, rhythm, and stability. We will also cover other pulses such as entry and exit blocks, husband and wife imbalance, vibrations and more.

This class is already half full and is limited to 8-10 students.   Online registration is not available.

Email me at aprilfcrowell@gmail.com or message me on Facebook to confirm eligibility and to register.  Space is limited and filling fast.

Be well,