Everyday Living Begins, Wednesday, September 4th!

This is a new program, and it’s brought up a few questions. I thought I’d take a few moments and answer the most common ones.

Q: I’d like to take it but I’m going to miss a class or two – is that okay?

A: Yes. Although the ideal way to get this information is through direct transmission and interaction in the group, I will be recording all classes and will make them available for class participants. I will share all supporting handouts online and there will be a closed online group where the participants and I can further engage.

Q: I don’t want all the history – how much Chinese (Asian medicine) will we delve into?

A:  I have to give you enough of the foundational principles and theories so that you can understand the basic  principles and how they can apply to your life today.  As fascinating and beautiful as it can be to learn the meaning of point names and characters can be, that’s not the focus of this class. Again, my goal is to bring the medicine and nutrition into practical application for the common person or practitioner.

Q: I don’t want to be an Amma Therapist. Is this program still beneficial for me?

A: That’s fine, this is not my Amma Apprenticeship. We will not be delving into channel functions, pathways, point work and location. I will teach a few simple points and some self help techniques. We will look at channels to understand their primary functions and roles.

Q: Will I learn the 5 Elements types? Like what I am and what my son is?

A: Oh, yes! I utilize the 5 Elements and their correspondences a lot in my practice and my everyday living.  In fact, I have found them to an essential part of my life and want to help others understand how beneficial learning this system can be.

Q: Are you teaching cooking?

A: No – unfortunately, not in this class. Though I will be teaching the about the appropriate foods and cooking methods for seasonal shifts and changes and a section on treating common conditions.

Q: Is there western nutrition in the course?

A: A bit. My primary focus and depth is in the energetics of foods and their healing properties from an Asian medicine perspective. Although I know western nutrition and will utilize it when appropriate, my experience has been that it is been most beneficial to lead with food energetics.

Q: Is this appropriate for kids?

A: Older teens and young adults, absolutely.

Q: Can I get CEU’s or PDA’s

A: Yes, if you attend, I will be giving you a certificate which you can submit for CEU’s and PDA’s. I haven’t registered the program with the NCCAOM or NCMTMBA, but I’ve not had them refuse CEU’s from anytime that a student has submitted them from me.

Alright, that’s what I’ve gotten so far. As I get other questions I will add them in.

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