9 Wednesdays 5-8pm, September 4th – October 30th. $975

Space is limited to 25 students.

This 9 week program is designed to bring the practical and beautiful knowledge and wisdom of holistic health, Asian medicine and nutrition into the people’s everyday lives.

I am ever thankful that I found a work that I love. Even more rewarding is seeing others embrace this information and mold it into their lives whether that has been an Amma therapy student graduate and build their own career, helping someone get over bronchitis, or helping someone understand human interactions.  Maybe it was helping a parent understand their child’s patterns physically as well as mental and emotionally. Maybe it was helping someone through grief. Whatever the necessity has been, I have been tremendously blessed to find such a life’s calling and I love sharing it.

In my 25+ years of teaching Amma therapy and Chinese medicine it has mostly been in an apprenticeship style and format. These were long programs with weekly and often daily interactions with the students and apprentices. It’s a fabulous way to learn a life style and skill.  However, not everyone wants to become an Amma therapist or can commit to 2 years of basic training and possible travel to study directly with me.  So, I set about creating a program that is refined to share what I have found to be the most important skills to weave into a person’s everyday life or their careers. Think of it as the a lighter version of the Amma Program without learning the bodywork. It’s been wonderful to see how alumni have integrated information from my programs into their person lives and into their careers.

This is the second running of this program and the first time it will be online and recorded.

What you will learn – 

A comprehensive overview of the foundational theories of Asian medicine including:

Taoist Cosmology – the philosophy on which the principles of Asian medicine is founded in

Yin & Yang and its 6 Divisions

8 Principles – Yin & Yang, Excess & Deficiency, Hot & Cold, Interior & Exterior

Qi, Blood and Fluids – How they are generated and their general functions

Jing – and its functions

Zang Fu – The 12 organs and their functions and general channel pathway and points for self treatment

The Energetic nature of foods and herbs 

The 5 Phases or 5 Elements

Within each season (Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall & Winter) we will look at the seasonal correspondences including: color, sound, odor, emotion, primary organs, flavor, temperature, direction, cooking principles, climatic pattern and common pathologies and corresponding Qigong.

A simple introduction to Tongue assessment with a brief overview of Pulses. Can’t teach pulses online…that’s a hands on thing, but I can start to explain how we look at them.

Identification and simple treatment of common pathologies.

Introduction to States & Stages of development

How the program is set up –

  • Weekly online classes September 4th – October 30th. I allow interaction and will answer questions during class as time permits. These classes are recorded and will be made available if you are unable to attend. I will only pre-record a class if my schedule changes due to family or travel. I will keep you informed of any changes, but I don’t foresee them
  • A closed Facebook group will be set up for support, questions, answers and general sharing. I will check in everyday some.
  • All supporting handouts, notes and charts will be shared and available for you to download. There’s more than 100 pages in the packet.

Space is limited to 25 participants – keeping it a little smaller so I can have good interaction with participants.

This program may apply towards anyone working to become AOBTA certified or for those who need CEU’s or PDA’s.

No pre-requisites or prior knowledge required. Excellent for the public or professionals that want to deepen their understanding of Asian medicine.

$975 received by September 4th or
  1. Pay $850 by July 15th and save $125!
  2. Pay a deposit of $100. Make 9 weekly payments of $97.25 through the end of the program – October 30th. April will set up monthly billing for you. Total final cost for program $1075

Twice is nice and 1/2 the price! For those who took Everyday Living in 2017 you can retake this course for $485.

Amma alumni & Well Nourished program alumni save $195.

Space limited to 25 students

Refund policy:  I require written notice two weeks prior to the start of the program for refund of fees collected minus $100 non-refundable deposit.

Registration for this class is closed.

Contact me directly for more information about upcoming programs or to possibly join the current group. aprilcrowellamma@gmail.com

I’ve had a number of questions about the program, click here to read them and my answers.