Class: Handling Headaches – Wednesday, July 8th, 5:30 -7:30, $70

New Date – Wednesday, July 8th, 5:30 -7:30pm $70

Even though our world has changed considerably with current pandemic and social unease, pain has not gone away, especially headaches. Rare is the person who has never had a headache. They affect millions of people every year, and, for some people they are a daily challenge to deal with. In my practice over the last 25+ years headaches are definitely one of the most common complaints I hear.  According to WHO (World Health Organization) about half of the adults in America will have a headache each year. Some may suffer from headaches a few times a year, while others may suffer weekly or even daily. 

As with other disharmonies, Asian/Chinese medicine’s approach to headaches is different from western medicine’s.  Asian medicine practitioners focus on the treating the acute by relieving the pain and working to find the root patterns causing the headaches.  Yes, you read that as a plural – headaches, because most headache are often afflicted with more than one type of headache, but I can help.  Asian/Chinese medicine recognizes nearly 20 types of headaches – ouch – and often one type will easily morph into another causing a domino effect. When I am able to touch a client in person, I can use point work and hands-on techniques to relieve the pain and provide recommendations for prevention. However, in this current new world touch therapies can be risky and possibly increase the spread of infection.  One of the ways that I can help you deal with headaches is to help educate clients in recognizing their patterns to help prevent them and start treating them right away. Ah…empowerment. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the windy season coming up may trigger your cluster or migraine headaches?

About the class – 

I have restructured and boiled my headaches lectures from my professional Amma Therapy Apprenticeship to make the information easily accessible and applicable for the public. No prior knowledge of Asian or Chinese medicine is necessary.

What we will cover

  • A brief introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine terms and theories including – don’t worry, this is all neatly organized in an e-book for your ease.
    • Yin/Yang theory
    • 8 Principle theory
    • 6 Pernicious influences
    • 5 Elements
    • Organ systems (Zang/Fu) relevant to headaches
  • Common causes of headaches
  • An overview of the main forms of headaches from a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective and how you can learn to assess and identify your patterns
  • Preventative tools and simple self help measures including;
    • foods to use or avoid
    • simple herbs to avoid or use. (for specific, personalized formulations, set up a consultation with me)
    • self- Amma techniques and acupoints to use
    • stretches and breathing techniques to help

I will be streaming this class live online and remember – no prior knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine is necessary. For those who can’t attend class live, you will receive the recording of the class.

New Date – Wednesday, July 8th, 5:30 -7:30pm $70

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About the Author:

April Crowell
AOBTA Certified Instructor & Practitioner Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) Diplomate, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Dipl. ABT NCCAOM) Amma Therapy, Integral Asian Medicine, Holistic Nutrition & Herbs. Inspiration and education for healthy and sustainable living. I have been practicing and teaching since 1994. I maintain my private therapy practice in Boise, Idaho. I offer classes and consultations online.

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