Saturday, January 14th, 9-5pm and Sunday January 15th, 9-4pm.  $300

Building a successful and rewarding private practice can seem daunting, and many healthcare practitioners are simply not business minded. This class is designed to give Amma Therapists, Holistic Healthcare practitioners and Nutritionists the foundational tools to build a strong practice. I share, from my years of experience of teaching and running several business, what I deem the essential elements in creating a vibrant, goal driven and flexible practice.   Students will learn ways to utilize the virtues of the 5 Elements to create a meaningful and rewarding therapy practice unique to their vision and skills.

  • Career strategies, financial planning & start up cost
  • Marketing, promotion and networking
  • Development of client intake forms, record keeping and HIPPA and privacy policies
  • Building and maintaining clientele
  • Bookkeeping, expenses, fees
  • Legal and political issues, strategic planning for changes within the practice
  • Office & therapy space options
  • Professional associations
  • Insurance and taxes

This is a required class for my Amma apprentice, and is open to anyone starting a practice in holistic healthcare or those needing review or continuing education.

Saturday, January 14th, 9-5pm and Sunday, 9-4pm.  $300

Space is limited so book online today.