I am an AOBTA® Certified Instructor and have taught hundreds of students and classes in person and online over the past 26+ years.  I offer a variety of classes in varying levels.

Personal and Beginning Level Classes

Ideal for the student that is wanting to dip their toes into the realm of Chinese/Asian medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Herbs. These classes are designed to help you begin integrating these magnificent principles into your life.  Popular classes in this category include – Delicate Digestion, Simple Remedies, & Treating Chronic Inflammation with Chinese Medicine and Nutrition.

Intermediate Class Levels

These classes and programs are a little longer and more in-depth. They may also require a pre-requisite course such as Intro To Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories. Ideal for people who are actively embracing the concepts of Chinese/Asian Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Herbs into their lives or to add new dimension and depth to their private holistic healthcare practices such as massage therapist, chiropractor, nutritionists and more. CEU and PDA’s are available.

Professional Programs and Individual Mentorship

Programs and classes for those who are wanting to create a career in Chinese/Asian medicine, Herbs and Nutrition.

Amma Apprenticeship

September 2020 – Due to safety issues around touch and the possible transmission of the Coronavirus, I will not be offering the hands-on portion of the Amma program until touch is safe. Based on interest, I may be offering the didactic portions of the program. Contact me directly if you are interested.

As an AOBTA© Certified Instructor I offer apprenticeship training in Amma Therapy. Apprentices commit to a course of study that meets the AOBTA’s required 500 hour for national certification. I take on 3 – 6 apprentices at a time.  Connect directly with me at aprilfcrowell@gmail.com if you are interested in this unique form of training. Read more about this program.  


Over the years I have had the pleasure of mentoring or coaching practitioners in several fields. Whether this an alumni seeking to learn precision point work or refine their tongue and pulse assessment, or those in other bodywork fields wishing to learn cupping or gua sha techniques to western nutritionists who want to add the wealth of Asian food energetics to their skill set – I can help. I am also able to administer practical tests for those seeking membership in the AOBTA. Fees for mentoring and coaching average about $55/hour but can vary depending on what is desired. Discuss this directly with me.

Certificates for those needing PDA’s and CEU’s are available.

I look forward to working with you!

The age of Zoom is upon us. I prefer to offer most classes live online to allow for better teacher and student interaction. However, as my platform is growing and to meet needs of my students here and abroad I will be putting up on-demand classes soon.

Here’s What’s Next!

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*Treating Chronic Inflammation with Asian Medicine and Nutrition available on demand beginning October 8th*