Late Summer’s Energetics–The Season Of The Earth Element

The days are growing shorter, yet there is still light. The air is cooler in the morning and evening, yet it warms up in the afternoon. We are harvesting [...]

Spiced Applesauce

Spiced Applesauce–sounds mundane right? When it comes to strengthening the digestive system and the immune, mundane or simple is the best place to start.  A [...]

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Late Summer Corn & Squash Chowder

Delightfully warm and colorful this soup is one of my favorites on a cool late summer or autumn day, especially with a nice hunk of pumpernickel or other dark bread. [...]

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Dutch Sage, Apple & Pear Sauce Cake

Grandma Niesing, a large Dutch woman,  owned a rambling farm just down the road from my grandparent’s modest farm. Though not actually related, the families [...]

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Late Summer–Eating With The Seasons

The foods of the Earth element and the Late Summer season are about creating strength of form in the body. They nourish the digestive system. Earth is stability and integrity [...]

Helping Children Grow & Thrive – Asian Medicine for Children

I am often asked if Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) and Amma Therapy can be used to treat children.  The answer is--yes, of course and very effectively.  But don't limit [...]

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Common Patterns Of Disharmony In Children According To Asian Medicine

Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) is wonderful at working with anyone, no matter what their age or gender. As a practitioner, I find it especially magnificent if I can start [...]

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Miso Nutbutter Spread

My favorite way to get kids a little extra protein and probiotics.  You can play around with different flavors of miso and nut combinations. My [...]

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The Lungs In Asian Medicine – The Delicate Organs & Minister To Emperor

Breathe, baby breathe. When I first wrote this blog, Boise and much of the Northwest was weighted down under heavy smoke from wildfires. It is like that now. However, [...]

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What’s For Breakfast?

Go, go, go. America has become a society of rushing from one thing to the next. In the process, many rush through breakfast. Sometimes breakfast is a sugary treat [...]

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