Cherries–Nature’s Blood Cleanser

It's time for cherries!  If you've ever picked cherries, likely you have an appreciation for how much labor goes into caring for and harvesting the delicate, tart orbs. You [...]

The Energetics of Gluten Free Grains

Sometimes we need to limit or cut out certain foods in our diet for the benefit of our health. Gluten and glutenous grains are one such food.  Our years [...]

April’s Resources For Understanding Covid-19

February 21, 2021 Hold, please.  I will continue to remain hands off until it is deemed save to be in close contact with a client. As tired as we [...]

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Boiling Down The Basics Of Molasses

My daughter Clara is studying abroad in Ireland now a junior she's thrived and done well. This year has been a wee bit harder than the others. Like all [...]

Coffee Substitutes-Getting To Know Grain Beverages

Why would you ever need to substitute something for your coffee?  That's the first question that came to mind, right?  After all many people love their coffee, it seems to [...]

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Cinnamon Simmered Chicken

Chicken simmered slowly with cinnamon sticks and soy sauce. Nice and warming on a cold winter’s day, this will make your house smell fabulous. You [...]

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Building Qi

Despite what you might believe, you are not the Energizer Bunny - and you will not keep on going and going and going. Even though some of us have a [...]

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Building Blood

Blood is blood is blood, right?Nope...Asian medicine's definition of Blood is a bit different than that of Western medicine's of blood (I'll use the lower case b when speaking of [...]

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Cherry & Apricot Fruit Gratin

Cherry & Apricot Fruit Gratin - Fruit gratins are a wonderful way to use up summer's delicate fruits. Rather than a heavy milk/cream batter that we think of for root [...]

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