Common Conditions

Grace And Gratitude

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. - Epictetus "Thank you."  It's a [...]

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The Energetics And Healing Properties Of Cranberries

It's cranberry season! These bright little gems often grace many a Thanksgiving table, their tartness adding a welcome vibrancy to turkey's muted flavors. Sadly, the holiday table is sometimes [...]

Basic Congee (Shi Fan, Jook)

Congee, Shi-Fan (literally, rice water) or Jook. Whatever name you give it, rice porridge has been the foundation of nutritional healing since...well, we started playing with fire and cooking.  [...]

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It’s All In Your Head–Treating Headaches With Asian Medicine

Rare is the person who has never had a headache. They affect millions of people every year and for some people they are a daily challenge to deal with. [...]

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Breast Health

About 80% of women have lumpy or fibrocystic breasts and an estimated 1 in 8 women will battle breast cancer at some point in their life.  Breast cysts, lumps [...]

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When Yang Collapses – Rebuilding The Fires

Yang collapse - sounds pretty severe, right? In Asian (Chinese) medicine it is a very serious condition that often has a long, slow and difficult path to recovery.  Yang [...]

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Warm To The Core

Let's warm your core up! The Asian cultures have a long tradition of dressing to protect and keep the low back and abdomen warm - with good reason. This [...]

Building Qi

Despite what you might believe, you are not the Energizer Bunny - and you will not keep on going and going and going. Even though some of us have [...]

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Boiling Down The Basics Of Molasses

My daughter Clara is studying abroad in Ireland. She's thriving and doing well and like most first year college students she's had some adjustments to make. After a particularly [...]

Windy Conditions

My brief visit to Ireland reminds me of how lovely or problematic a blustery day can be. Never mind doing your hair, it's going to [...]

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