Class: Everyday Living With Asian Medicine & Holistic Nutrition–12 Week Program–Dates To Be Announced

12 weeks, Wednesday 5-8pm. Date TBD I've had a number of inquiries about offering this class online. I have decided to postpone the local/onsight class for now [...]

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Class: Postnatal Nutrition

2 Hours, Watch for dates in 2018 $40. Healthy nutrition is vital in every person's life. And nutrition should adapt with our various life stages and needs. This is [...]

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Class: Everyday Living Course Curriculum

Everyday Living With Asian Medicine & Holistic Nutrition 12-Week Program- August 30-November 15th   This course is designed to give participants a strong foundation in Asian medicine’s foundational theories and [...]

Class: Questions & Answers About My 12-Week Everyday Living Program

 Everyday Living begins August 30th. This is a new program, and it's brought up a few questions. I thought I'd take a few moments and answer the most common ones. [...]

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Class: Intro To Tongue & Pulse Assessment–Watch for dates 2019

 Watch for 2019 dates. Seeing or observing is one of the Asian medicine practitioner's greatest assessment tools.  The tongue is a road map to the body and is invaluable [...]

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Class: Helping Children Grow & Thrive Class–Watch for dates

May 20 & 21- Saturday,9-5 & Sunday, 9-4 pm $280 By request-- This class is designed to help parents and practitioners incorporate the rich wisdom and principles that Asian medicine (Chinese [...]

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Class: The Patterns Of Disease–

May 6 & 7-  Saturday, 9-5pm  and Sunday, 9-4pm $280 What's the difference between Liver Yang Rising and Liver Fire Blazing? What's a Gu pattern? How can obstruction of cold [...]

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Student Clinic–Ongoing Wednesdays–Watch for dates

Clinic ended May 2017.  I will let you know when I have another group of apprentices ready to tackle student clinic. We will have some appointments available through May [...]

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Class: Building An Ethical Practice

Saturday, January 14th, 9-5pm and Sunday January 15th, 9-4pm.  $300 Building a successful and rewarding private practice can seem daunting, and many healthcare practitioners are simply not business minded. This [...]

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Class: Holistic Tips for Colds & Flus

Watch for dates 2018 $60 This class will cover how colds and flus manifest from both an Eastern and Western perspective, including detailed Chinese medicine assessment and symptom identification. We will [...]

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