Instructions For Coffee Or Licorice Root Enemas

Enemas are great tools to have in your healthcare toolbox. Often misused and misunderstood just mentioning them often triggers a reaction in people.  At one end of the spectrum a [...]

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Yin & Yang–Understanding Opposites

The principles of Yin and Yang, a foundational theory of Asian medicine, is both profound and very simplistic.   The two represent the dynamic opposites seen all throughout nature.  They are not [...]

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The Nutrient Qi Cycle

Ever wonder why some physical complaints seem to pop up at a certain time? Understanding the Nutrient Qi Cycle or Cycle of Tides might be helpful. Qi (pronounced "chee"), a [...]

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Spring’s Energetics–The Season Of The Wood Element

Welcome to Spring! When does Spring really begin? For most Western cultures, we correlate the start of Spring with the Spring equinox, around March 20-21st.  But all of us know [...]

Before You Go-Tips & Herbs To Take With You When Traveling

We love vacation and travel!  And nobody wants to be sick while they are hiking in the mountains or exploring a new country. It makes sense to both prepare yourself [...]

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Managing Allergies

Red, itchy eyes, sore throat, sinus congestion, running nose, puffy face, congested ears, swollen lips, headaches. Although it may be true that certain seasons have a propensity to bombard us [...]

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Helping Children Grow & Thrive Class–May 20 & 21

May 20 & 21- Saturday,9-5 & Sunday, 9-4 pm $280 By request-- This class is designed to help parents and practitioners incorporate the rich wisdom and principles that Asian medicine (Chinese [...]

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Treating Kidney Stones With Asian Medicine & Holistic Nutrition

It is estimated that about 350,000 Americans visit the emergency room each year to deal with kidney stones.  About three-quarters of the stones are made up of calcium oxalate.  Perplexing [...]

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Playing With Pansies–The Energetic And Healing Properties Of Violets

“A vi'let on the meadow grew, That no one saw, that no one knew, It was a modest flower. A shepherdess pass'd by that way-- Light footed, pretty and so [...]

Windy Conditions

It's a blustery day! Each of the 5 Seasons in Chinese medicine has a climatic nature or condition that corresponds with that season.  Summer relates to Heat, Autumn to Dryness, [...]