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Oh, Honey! Bees’ Wonderful Gifts

There are certain pursuits which, if not wholly poetic and true, do at least suggest a nobler and finer relation to nature than we know. The keeping of bees, [...]

Maple Nut Amaranth

Amaranth is a tiny South American grain that was a staple food for the Aztecs.  It ranges from shades of rich gold to deep reds. [...]

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How Sweet It Is–Sweet’s Role In Health & Illness

Who doesn't love a little sweet?  Of the 5 flavors, I can safely say, sweet is the most popular.  It is also the most abundant and naturally occurring flavor.  Like [...]

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Holistic Nutrition & Chinese Medicine

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disharmony that affects nearly one in five people in America and it is the number one reason reason people are referred to gastrointestinal specialists. [...]

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Late Summer’s Energetics–The Season Of The Earth Element

The days are growing shorter, yet there is still light. The air is cooler in the morning and evening, yet it warms up in the afternoon. We are harvesting [...]

Late Summer–Eating With The Seasons

The foods of the Earth element and the Late Summer season are about creating strength of form in the body. They nourish the digestive system. Earth is stability and integrity [...]

Helping Children Grow & Thrive – Asian Medicine for Children

I am often asked if Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) and Amma Therapy can be used to treat children.  The answer is--yes, of course and very effectively.  But don't limit [...]

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Common Patterns Of Disharmony In Children According To Asian Medicine

Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) is wonderful at working with anyone, no matter what their age or gender. As a practitioner, I find it especially magnificent if I can start [...]

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The Lungs In Asian Medicine – The Delicate Organs & Minister To Emperor

Breathe, baby breathe. When I first wrote this blog, Boise and much of the Northwest was weighted down under heavy smoke from wildfires. It is like that now. However, [...]

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Windy Conditions

My brief visit to Ireland reminds me of how lovely or problematic a blustery day can be. Nevermind doing your hair, it's going to be [...]

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