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Potatoes – The Energetics and Nutrition of Our Favorite Root

"What we need is a few good taters."  "Po-ta-toes! Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew. Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish." [...]

A Bit About Aloe

Aloe vera is an amazing plant that we've benefited from for centuries thanks again to the Greeks and the Romans.  In its varied history it has been used as [...]

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All About Apples

The year my daughter Clara was born we were lucky enough to have access to our friend's ancient and over-productive apple trees.  We had bushels.  We ate them fresh, [...]

Summer – Eating With The Seasons

Welcome to Summer!  Longer, warmer days encourage us to be more active, spending greater time outdoors and the sun's warmth encourages growth and maturation. Plants thrive and begin sharing their [...]

Summer’s Energetics – The Season Of The Fire Element

Summer, the season of the Fire Element, has arrived.  The days are long and the bright sunshine invites us outdoors to work in our gardens or play in the [...]

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Class: Treating Chronic Inflammation with Asian Medicine & Nutrition – June 4th

Watch for upcoming dates. Do you creak? Ache? Have swollen or sore joints and muscles? You might a pattern of inflammation. Chronic inflammation patterns afflict millions. It's one of those [...]

Raspberry Leaf Tea For The Ladies

The mention of raspberries makes most of us think of the luscious little gems that are in season right now.  You can read about their nature's here, however, in [...]

The Energetics Of Alcohol

A blog that is especially pertinent as many may have increased their alcohol during quarantine or social distancing - hopefully not too much - and/or you may notice that [...]

All About Apricots

Grandpa Herman kept a small apricot tree just past one of his rose gardens. Gnarled and ancient, the tree draped over a path that led to the large vegetable gardens, [...]

Class: Self Help For Seasonal Allergies – Thur, May 7th

Self Help For Seasonal Allergies - Thur, May 7th, 5:30-6:30 pm (MT) - Free! Live online, with companion e-book. Many people are suffering right now. COVID-19 has impacted all [...]

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