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Keeping Cool! Handling Summer’s Heat

We love our Summer and sunshine here in Boise.  It's time to be in the garden, rivers and mountains.  However, from late Spring into early Summer the temperature can swing [...]

Orange Peel Tea

  This is one of my favorite and most simple tools in the cupboard for dealing with phlegm and it doesn't matter if the phlegm is from allergies, [...]

The Exterior And Interior Causes Of Disease

Why do we get ill? In the most simplistic of terms, we get ill because something is out of balance our body.  Likely you've heard of term 'homeostatis' that [...]

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All About Apples

The year my daughter, Clara was born we were lucky enough to have access to our friend's ancient and over-productive apple trees.  We had bushels.  We ate them fresh, [...]

A Few Teas To Curb The Queasies

We've all felt queasy or nauseated at some point.  By request, I've selected a few teas that are specifically beneficial in treating the queasies whether they are caused by [...]

Countering Coughs

Have a cough? They are pretty common right now and this time of year I get a fair number of emails or calls with clients that have suddenly come [...]

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Helping Children Grow & Thrive – Asian Medicine for Children

I am often asked if Asian medicine (Chinese medicine) and Amma Therapy can be used to treat children.  The answer is--yes, of course and very effectively.  But don't limit [...]

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Clearing Sinus Congestion

If you've ever had a treatment with me,  you've likely smelled the wonderful, clearing Kwan Loong or other oils we use during treatment. Besides soothing sore muscles the fragrances [...]

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Cool Cucumbers–Understanding Cucumber’s Energetics

Put the vitamin pack down and go eat a cucumber. Getting heat rash or blisters from wearing a mask? Consider adding cucumbers to your water and applying them topically [...]

The Energetics of Mulberries

Our visit to the old farm this weekend rewarded us with some sweet mulberries.  Several of Grandpa Herman's great trees are still producing (if not, overproducing) the succulent little [...]