The Year Of The Rat Special – 3 Amma Sessions for $230

Spring is coming! A season of rapid change and wild shifts, as much as we love spring is can be a very challenging season for people as the wind [...]

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Class: Holistic Tips for Colds & Flu

Monday, January 13th 2020, 5:30-7:30, $60 The Flu and common cold plague millions of people every year. As a practitioner and teacher of Asian/Chinese medicine and Holistic Nutrition it [...]

An Update From Clara – November 2019

Hello! Once again my Mom has asked me to share what I’ve been up to as I am quickly nearing the end of the first semester of my second [...]

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Buy 5 Get 1 Free – My Best Amma Special

Add Amma to your healthcare routine. A classical Asian bodywork style that predates acupuncture. Amma - literally push-pull - is one of the oldest known Chinese words to describe [...]

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Beat The Holiday Havoc – 2 Amma Sessions for $150

Sale extended! Now available through November 11th. Busy, busy, busy! The holidays are here and that often means last minute hustle and bustle. Take down these decorations, [...]

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Class: 5 Flavors & 5 Seasons – An Introduction To Food Energetics

 $225 - 8 Hours Saturday, February 1st, 9- 5 pm. Attend class in person at Pulse Holistic Health. Class will be recorded for those who cannot attend in person.  [...]

Cornsilk For Your Bladder & Gallbladder

As you enjoy your lovely fresh, organic corn on the cob be sure to save some cornsilk. Cornsilk is a gentle herb that has been used for centuries by [...]

Class: Everyday Living With Asian Medicine & Holistic Nutrition – 9 Week Program Begins Sept 4th!

9 Wednesdays 5-8pm, September 4th - October 30th. $975 Space is limited to 25 students. This 9 week program is designed to bring the practical and [...]

Class: Healthy Lunches – August 1st

Summer Quiche Thursday, August 1, 5:30-7:30pm, $60 Includes companion booklet "What's for lunch?" Whether it's ourselves or our children, too often we find ourselves trying to plan [...]

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