April’s Online Special

April's Online Special Spring is coming! As tired as we may be of Covid-19, it is still a significant threat.ย  To do my part to help limit the spread [...]

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Client Herb & Supplement Resources

Hello! You have found my resource page for herbs and supplements for clients and students! As many of you know, I am not treating in person at this time [...]

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine – Eileen Feliciano, LP, PsyD

Thank you to Eileen Feliciano, LP, PsyD for these wonderful tips. who created this list forยย  Mental Health Wellness Tips For Quarantine "After having thirty-one sessions this week [...]

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Energetic Temperature Of Foods Chart

Visit my Etsy store to buy the poster! Did you know that everything you eat creates a post metabolic phenomenon in the body? Chinese medicine's energetic approach to food [...]

Cornsilk For Your Bladder & Gallbladder

As you enjoy your lovely fresh, organic corn on the cob be sure to save some cornsilk. Cornsilk is a gentle herb that has been used for centuries by [...]

Moving Forward – April’s May Update

Hello all! I hope you and your families are all safe and well. These are challenging times for us all, requiring us to make changes in many aspects of [...]

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My Newsletters

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An Update From Clara – November 2019

Hello! Once again my Mom has asked me to share what Iโ€™ve been up to as I am quickly nearing the end of the first semester of my second [...]

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April’s Etsy Store

I like to create. Besides my Energetic Temperature Of Foods Charts I am working on several other charts and ebooks that will be available to download from my Etsy [...]

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