Buy 5 Get 1 Free – My Best Amma Deal

Add Amma to your healthcare routine. A classical Asian bodywork style that predates acupuncture. Amma - literally push-pull - is one of the oldest known Chinese words to describe [...]

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April’s Autumn Special

Autumn is here! This is the season of the Metal element and its organs the Lungs and Colon.  It can be a particularly difficult seasonal transition for many as [...]

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Cornsilk For Your Bladder & Gallbladder

As you enjoy your lovely fresh, organic corn on the cob be sure to save some cornsilk. Cornsilk is a gentle herb that has been used for centuries by [...]

Back To School Amma Special

As July starts to slide away and the nights get shorter, it's time to start squeezing in the last fun and sun out of summer. Climb the mountain, swim [...]

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Class: Everyday Living With Asian Medicine & Holistic Nutrition – 9 Week Program Begins Sept 4th!

9 Wednesdays 5-8pm, September 4th - October 30th. $975 Space is limited to 25 students. This 9 week program is designed to bring the practical and [...]

Class: Holistic Tips for Colds & Flu

Tuesday, September 10th, 5:30-7:30, $60 The Flu and common cold plague millions of people every year. As a practitioner and teacher of Asian/Chinese medicine and Holistic Nutrition it is [...]

About My Newsletters

Considering signing up for my newsletter? I've had a number of people ask me what I put in my newsletter, so here you go. I generally send out a [...]

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Class: Healthy Lunches – August 1st

Summer Quiche Thursday, August 1, 5:30-7:30pm, $60 Includes companion booklet "What's for lunch?" Whether it's ourselves or our children, too often we find ourselves trying to plan [...]

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Class: Treating Chronic Inflammation with Asian Medicine & Nutrition – May 8th

Chronic Inflammation. Wednesday, May 8th, 5:30-8pm, $75 Do you creak? Ache? Have swollen or sore joints and muscles? You might a pattern of inflammation. Chronic inflammation patterns afflict millions. It's [...]

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Class: Delicate Digestion – March 14th, 2019

This is one of my popular local classes that I haven't offered for several years. This time, however, it's live online. Dealing with a weakened digestive system will affect [...]

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