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I have been practicing and teaching Amma therapy since 1994. I maintain my therapy practice in  Amma Therapy and Holistic Nutrition  at Pulse Holistic Health. I enjoy working with a varied clientele from infants to elderly; from healthy, maintenance minded clients to those with debilitating diseases and terminal cancer. I never cease to be amazed at what Amma Therapy, Asian Medicine and Holistic Nutrition can treat–literally everything.

I treat a maximum of 16 clients a week–generally, only treating 4-5 clients a day. I generally book out 2-3 weeks in advance but I may have appointments available at other times than listed below, you can also request to placed on my cancellation list, connect directly with me via to find out about other times. I request that you book either on the hour or half hour so that I keep as many appointments available for self booking as possible. Thank  you.

Therapy schedule:

  • Monday: Clients 9-1
  • Tuesdays: Off
  • Wednesdays: 2-6
  • Thursdays: Clients 2-6
  • Fridays: Clients 9-1

Pricing and Fees–

Effective July 2018

  • Amma Therapy $85/ session
  • Amma Therapy $120 / 90 minute session
  • Amma Therapy Package deal – Buy 5 get 1 free for $425 –
  • Nutritional Consultation $70/session
  • Asian medicine mentoring and teaching $25/hour

My sessions are booked for an hour, actual hands-on therapy may be 45-55 minutes. When booking through Bookeo, it will show my fee at $85, it doesn’t reflect if you are receiving a discount or have purchased a package deal. For those needing a little financial I may be able to offer a sliding scale. Please discuss directly with me to be considered for the sliding scale.

For phone or online appointments for Asian Assessment or Holistic Nutrition contact me directly at to schedule.  I may also be in the office at other times for writing, teaching and general office management.  Call Pulse at 208.955.8272 or connect via email.   Book online here.

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