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AOBTA Certified Instructor & Practitioner Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) Diplomate, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Dipl. ABT NCCAOM) Amma Therapy, Integral Asian Medicine, Holistic Nutrition & Herbs. Inspiration and education for healthy and sustainable living. I have been practicing and teaching since 1994. I maintain my private therapy practice in Boise, Idaho. I offer classes and consultations online.

Stone Fruit Salsa

Drupes or stone fruits come available from late May and early June through the first frosts of September in Idaho. They are easy to identify [...]

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Cucumber Salad With Seaweed And Sesame

Cucumbers are perfect for handling summer’s heat.  This is a classic Japanese summer salad of cucumbers in vinegar with numerous variations.  Make it up about about [...]

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Summer’s Energetics – The Season Of The Fire Element

Summer, the season of the Fire Element, has arrived.  The days are long and the bright sunshine invites us outdoors to work in our gardens or play in the [...]

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Cornsilk For Your Bladder & Gallbladder

As you enjoy your lovely fresh, organic corn on the cob be sure to save some cornsilk. Cornsilk is a gentle herb that has been used for centuries by [...]

Carrot And Radish Salad

Very easy to make, this salad can be used as a side, or garnish on a simple green salad.  Refreshing and clearing, I sometimes just [...]

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April’s Summer Special

April's Summer Special I'm seeing clients in person again and summer is a great time to balance and adjust. 2020 was an adventure - some parts might have been [...]

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Kudzu Ginger Tea

Kudzu is a staple in my kitchen and one of my first recommendations for aches, pains, stiff neck and flu type symptoms. It’s turning out [...]

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Countering Coughs

Have a cough? They are pretty common right now and this time of year I get a fair number of emails or calls with clients that have suddenly come down [...]

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Clearing Sinus Congestion

If you've ever had a treatment with me,  you've likely smelled the wonderful, clearing Kwan Loong or other oils we use during treatment. Besides soothing sore muscles the fragrances [...]

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