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AOBTA Certified Instructor & Practitioner Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) Diplomate, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Dipl. ABT NCCAOM) Amma Therapy, Integral Asian Medicine, Holistic Nutrition & Herbs. Inspiration and education for healthy and sustainable living. I have been practicing and teaching since 1994. I maintain my private therapy practice in Boise, Idaho. I offer classes and consultations online.

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine – Eileen Feliciano, LP, PsyD

Thank you to Eileen Feliciano, LP, PsyD for these wonderful tips. who created this list for  https://energyresourcing.com/blog/mental-health-wellness-covid-19/.  Mental Health Wellness Tips For Quarantine "After having thirty-one sessions this week [...]

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Insights On Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights have plagued all of us at some time or another, however with more than 60 million Americans suffering from insomnia or regular sleep deprivation it's not a [...]

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Chocolate Zucchini Cake

By mid summer I often find myself overrun with zucchini, even from one meager plant. Bless its zeal! What better way to use up some of the summer squash [...]

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Pumpkin Cookies

Squash and pumpkin harvest season meant baking in my childhood.   Delicious and moist, these cookies are still favorites of mine and appearing around Halloween [...]

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Our Love Affair With Chocolate & Understanding The Energetics of Chocolate

Who doesn't love a little chocolate? In the western culture, our love affair with chocolate began only a few hundred years ago. That's a relatively short time compared to [...]

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Playing With Pumpkins & Winter Squash

“Squash would be great for you to eat.” It's a common recommendation that I make. And for good reason. Pumpkins and winter squash are the perfect food for strengthening [...]

Autumn–Eating With The Seasons

Eating in Autumn Autumn corresponds to the Metal element in the 5 Element theory of Asian (Chinese) medicine and rules the Lungs and Colon.    To embrace Autumn choose [...]

Autumn’s Energetics–The Season Of The Metal Element

Autumn's arrival shifts the Qi that had been expanding outward (Yang) in the Summer to begin to shift inward (Yin).  We glide through Late Summer at the equinox and [...]

Nuts! A Look At The Energetics Of Nuts

Late summer to early winter is the peak harvest time for nuts. Nature's little powerhouses, nuts possess all the energy, nutrients and materials to create a towering, strong tree, [...]

Spiced Applesauce

Spiced Applesauce–sounds mundane right? When it comes to strengthening the digestive system and the immune, mundane or simple is the best place to start.  A [...]

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