September 10th & 11th

This class will cover the 8 Extraordinary Vessels of Dai Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai, Yin Wei Mai, Yang Wei Mai, Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai.  We will look at the their functional sphere of influence and their master, coupled points and paired meridians.  Focus will then move to the odd and curious organs of the Gall Bladder, the Triple Burner, the marrow, the uterus, the brain, the bones.

Basic knowledge of the following theories is required to take this course:

•Knowledge of 8 Principles–Interior/Exterior, Excess/Deficiency, Hot/Cold, Yin & Yang

•Knowledge of 5 Element Theory and their natures–Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood

•Zang Fu (organ theory)–Lung, Colon, Stomach, etc.

•General Chinese medicine terminology

Class size is limited, so register early.  This is a required class for my apprentices.

Saturday, September 10, 9-5 pm

Sunday, September 11th, 9-3 pm

14 hours, $252

Class is held@ Pulse Holistic Health.
725 N. 15th, Boise, Id 83702
Space is limited so register early.  Contact April directly at Pulse Holistic Health at 208.955.8272 or online at