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Seeing or observing is one of the Asian medicine practitioner’s greatest assessment tools.  The tongue is a road map to the body and is invaluable in proper assessment and treatment of clients.  The tongue’s shape, color, movement, moisture, size and coating all reveal dynamic patterns in the body.  We will look at tongue assessment from the principles of 4 levels, 8 Principles and Zang Fu.

Pulse is a touching assessment tool.    More refined and subtler than observation of the tongue, pulse require practice.  This class will cover classical and contemporary pulse assessment.  pulse positions, identifying excess/deficiency, exterior/interior and Zang Fu (organ locations) and depths. RAIRS–rate, amplitude, intensity, rhythm, stability and other contemporary pulse tools.

Basic knowledge of the following theories is required to take this course:

•Knowledge of 8 Principles–Interior/Exterior, Excess/Deficiency, Hot/Cold, Yin & Yang

•Knowledge of 5 Element Theory and their natures–Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood

•Zang Fu (organ theory)–Lung, Colon, Stomach, etc.

•General Chinese medicine terminology

Class size is limited, so register early.  This is a required class for my apprentices.

Watch for dates 2019