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This class is designed to help parents and practitioners incorporate the rich wisdom and principles that Asian medicine (Chinese medicines) offers in raising healthy and vibrant children. We will look at identifying constitutional patterns and children’s constitution and health during the major growing years.  We will cover specific nutritional needs to build and create vitality at all phases of growth for both genders.  We will specific foods for treating common childhood ailments.

This class includes a detailed booklet with recipes and quick recommendations for treating common patterns.

This class will be held live online and recorded for participants who can’t attend at the set hours.

Topics covered:

  • General introduction to Asian medicine theories and how they are applied to children.
  • Understanding Jing (Essence) –what the child is born with.
  • Elemental and seasonal correspondence to stages of growth and personalities.
  • Understanding parent element type in relation to the child’s element type.
  • General guidelines for children’s nutrition and health ages 3-18.
  • Watershed phases–the 7 and 8 year cycles in boys and girls.  Including hormonal and mental emotional changes.
  • Common patterns of illness in children and how to treat them.