“You’re going to make me drink mud, aren’t you?”

“No, it’s entirely your choice.  I’m just saying that it is real –  not an addictive drug. It’s inexpensive and really effective with acid-reflux.”  I chuckled as my client squirmed with the idea.  Although I had presented the idea multiple times they had fervently resisted, opting for the over the counter medicines.  What could be the harm in trying a simple, natural clay?  Their resistance was – well, intriguing to me.  It would take them several more months before they would finally try green clay.  Now they are hooked. Simple, clean and easy.

I consider green clay an essential part of my herb pharmacy, first-aid and travel kit. Here’s why.

Green clay or Illite (French Green Clay or Tuscan clay) is an organic, naturally occurring clay made up of decomposed plant material including kelp and seaweed.  Loaded with minerals and iron oxide this soft, grey-green powder has been used medicinally for centuries. Most of the world’s French Green Clay comes from deep quarries in France – hence its name.  This mineral rich mud is very alkalizing to the body and has a tremendous ability to absorb toxins and excess fluids.  Externally, green clay is used as detoxifying mask, to clear up acne and pull toxins from wounds, insect bites and stings. It naturally refreshes any area to which it is applied. Internally, it has excellent detoxification properties and can be used to treat acid-reflux, GERD, bloating, gas, diarrhea, morning sickness and heartburn. It calms the digestive system and helps to heal the stomach and intestines.  Green clay helps to pull heavy metals from the body. It also helps absorb excess moisture patterns and astringe leaking and sagging conditions like incontinence, spontaneous sweating, edemas and swellings.

Sounds wonderful, right?  Here are some ways to use it.

Green Clay Drink

Use for relief from gas, bloating, heart burn and borborygmi (gurgle gut, as my daughter calls it).

Place 1 tsp. of clay in 6-8 oz. of spring or filtered water.

Stir well, allow to settle for 1-2 minutes.  Leave the settled clay in the bottom of the glass and simply add more water and clay (if needed) for your next dose. Drink up to 3 x daily.

Green Clay Water Douche

Regular douching after the menstrual cycle and ovulation helps pull out toxins, cleanse and refreshes.  This therapy will reduce risk and occurrences or yeast infections and abnormal paps.  In cases of abnormal pap smears, the frequency of douching may actually be increased for a time – connect with your Asian medicine practitioner first, however.

Place 2 T. of clay and 2 quarts of body-temperature water in a large jar.
Shake well, then allow the clay to settle for 2-3 minutes leaving a slightly cloudy solution.
Pour the solution into a 2 qt. Douche bag, making sure that the sediment does not enter the bag.
If it does, the vaginal nozzle will clog.
Lying in a bathtub, insert the vaginal nozzle high into the vagina.  Open the valve and allow the water to flow through until the contents of the bag are empty.
Douche with water the day after using the Green Clay douche).
Do not douche during your menstrual period unless specifically instructed to do so by your health practitioner.

Green Clay Water Wash For Genital Area

For yeast infections, rashes and irritations.  Not just for the ladies.

Fill a large basin with approximately 2 qts. of warm water.  Add 1 T. of clay.  Mix well until the water becomes cloudy.  Place the basin of clay water in the tub.
Squat over the basin.  Rinse genital area with clay water.

Green Clay Poultice

Mix up a bunch and use as a face mask (allow the mud to dry, before washing off) or make enough to use over an infected area.

Place clay in a clean, glass or ceramic jar or small bowl.
Add water in a ratio of 2 parts clay to 1 part water.
Allow the clay to absorb the water without mixing or stirring; this should yield a thick, pasty mud.
Cover the jar and leave on the windowsill.
Apply clay ¼ inch thick to the affected area.
Cover this with a piece of lettuce leaf to maintain moisture.  Tape in place and leave on overnight or as directed.  The clay should be washed off in the morning.

 A couple words of caution

  • No metal, please.   Do not use metal for stirring or mixing the green clay; wood utensils are ideal.
  • Sunshine. The sun energizes Green Clay, and once prepared, it can be stored in a clear, covered jar on the windowsill.  Should it dry out, remove the cover allowing it to dry completely and then it can be pulverized and reused.
  • Make sure it’s pure. Make sure that you get pure illite or French Green clay.  Some products, especially those in the beauty section, might contain additional ingredients such as lavender.

Be well,