Saturday, April 9th, 9-4 & Sunday April 10th, 9-1.  $220

Participants in the course will continue their path in learning Chinese medicine.  We will build on the information learned in Foundational Theories 1 (Taoist Cosmology and Yin/Yang theory).  This class will focus on the 3 Branches and 8 Limbs of Chinese Medicine; and the generation, distribution and function Qi, Blood(Xue) and Fluids(Jin-Ye).  The class will also cover the nature and causes of disease and the 8 Principle theory.


Following classes will cover Chinese medicine’s concepts  of Zang/Fu (Organ) Theory, channels and point system, 6 Jiao Theory, & 5 Element theory.

This is a required course for my apprentices, and is open to public and practitioners as well.  Some knowledge of Chinese medicine terminology is recommended to attend this class.

Saturday, April 9th, 9-4 & Sunday, 9-1.  $220