Class: Everyday Living With Asian Medicine & Holistic Nutrition–12 Week Program–Dates To Be Announced

12 weeks, Wednesday 5-8pm. Date TBD

I’ve had a number of inquiries about offering this class online. I have decided to postpone the local/onsight class for now and to take the next few weeks to look at the feasibility of this and the best way to proceed. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll keep you posted on how this program might look.  To be clear: This is not a hands-on technique course. Thanks, April

In my 24+ years of teaching and practice, one of the greatest things that I treasure and am most thankful for is seeing how the information or treatment I offer has helped someone in their life. Whether that is seeing a student graduate and build their own career, or helping someone get over bronchitis. Maybe it was helping a parent understand their child’s pathology. Maybe it was helping someone through grief. Whatever the necessity has been, I have been tremendously blessed to find such a life’s calling and I love sharing it.

My objective with running this program is to help bring the knowledge and wisdom of holistic health, Asian medicine and nutrition into the people’s everyday lives.  Think of it as the a lighter version of the Amma Program without learning the bodywork.

Participants will meet once a week in the evening for lecture.  There will also be online lessons and study group. I’ve developed new charts and handouts that will be accessible through my website for those enrolled. The program is effectively 48 hours of education time and is excellent for enhancing your own living and/or your professional practice.

What you will learn–

A comprehensive overview of the foundational theories of Asian medicine including:

Taoist Cosmology–the philosophy on which the principles of Asian medicine is founded in

Yin & Yang and its 6 Divisions

8 Principles–Yin & Yang, Excess & Deficiency, Hot & Cold, Interior & Exterior

Qi, Blood and Fluids–How they are generated and their general functions

Jing– and its functions

Zang Fu–The 12 organs and their functions and general channel pathway and points for self treatment

The Energetic nature of foods and herbs 

The 5 Phases or 5 Elements

Within each season (Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall & Winter) we will look at the seasonal correspondences including: color, sound, odor, emotion, primary organs, flavor, temperature, direction, cooking principles, climatic pattern and common pathologies and corresponding Qigong.

A simple introduction to Tongue and Pulse assessment

Identification and simple treatment of common pathologies.

This program may apply towards anyone working to become AOBTA certified or for those who need CEU’s or PDA’s.

No pre-requisites or prior knowledge required. Excellent for the public or professionals that want to deepen their understanding of Asian medicine.


Online registration is no longer available to see if space is still available in the class email me at or call 208.955.8272
Cost: $1200.  Space is limited to 8-10 participants.  You can either:
  1. Pay a non-refundable deposit of $120 will hold your space in the class. Or
  2. Pay a deposit of $120. Make 12 weekly payments of $90 from March 7 through the end of the program. Total cost=$1200.
Space limited to 8-10 participants.
Refund policy:  I require written notice two weeks prior to the start of the program for refund of fees collected minus $120 non-refundable deposit.

I’ve had a number of questions about the program, click here to read them and my answers.

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