Update 3/22/2020
I hope you are all safe and doing well. 
As you know, the corona-virus that causes COVID 19 is spreading rapidly.
We are in an unprecedented situation that affects us all.
At this time, I will not be seeing clients in person for Amma therapy.
I have been doing my part to social distance and protect myself, my clients and my community.
I am a healthcare practitioner and I love my work and I believe there is a lot Asian medicine can do to help, however this not the time for touch.
Clara will be flying in on the Tuesday, and we will self quarantine her for the 14 days. So the earliest I would be back for hands on treatment would be April 10th, in the best case scenario. As the weeks progress, I will assess the risk as to whether or not I can return to treating.
I am still available and can still help!
I am available for phone or FaceTime consultations and mentoring. During this time, I am offering hour consults for $50. Please, book these online through my square appointments.
Likely I will pop a package deal/gift certificate soon that can be used after the crisis is gone.
I will keep you posted here on my website, on my Facebook, Instagram, and via email.
Take care and let’s weather this storm!

Yes. Clients, friends and family have been contacting me with concerns about the coronavirus/COVID -19.

As an Amma therapist and Holistic healthcare practitioner who touches the body, I expected the flood of questions.

I need to stay abreast of public health conditions and make sure I understand what is going on and how it affects myself, my clients and the community. Certainly, COVID – 19 has created a lot of concern globally, as it should. A world where there are more people who can easily travel and a larger aging population, can be a ideal scene for an opportunistic virus. Now, to be clear, I am not an epidemiologist. I am a practitioner of Asian/Chinese medicine and holistic health, and one of our primary principles in medicine is education, teaching preventative measures, and in those who aren’t sick, to boost the immune system. I am paying attention to what the CDC and WHO are putting out as recommendations and following what other countries are using as recommendations. Let’s face it, the US’s initial response to this was inadequate. I am also paying attention to the scholarly reports and findings coming from Chinese medicine practitioners who are in Wuhan studying the path of this virus and proposing a clear vision of its nature, including pulses. Yes, we have ourselves a particularly nasty exterior pathogen of toxic, wind and damp heat.

So what are my recommendations? Pretty much the same as the CDC and WHO with a few additions:

  • Don’t panic
  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • If you are older or have a weak immune system, especially respiratory, refrain from being out and about too much
  • Stay home if you are sick or don’t feel well Cover your mouth when you cough If you feel you have been exposed call your doctor.
  • Do not flood to the hospitals

Here’s where we get a little different…remember how I said this is toxic wind, damp and heat? To help the immune system strengthen we want to clear excess phlegm, and treat wind and heat if they are present. This is about clearing and bolstering the immune system. I am not selling this as a cure for COVID – 19.

  • Clear phlegm and congestion
  • Boost the overall immune system
  • Treat wind if it is present
  • Strengthen the Lungs – they are the rulers of the Wei Qi – the immune system
  • Support the digestive system – All organs rely on the strength and functionality of digestive system. If you have weak digestion, opt for easy to absorb and digest foods if you are feeling weak.

These are the steps, prior to infection, it’s about clearing and bolstering. Heat comes on as the body works to burn out an infection.  I am not selling this as a cure for COVID – 19, I am simply trying to inform and offer some options to aid.

If you do feel you are infected or sick, call your doctor. Do not flood to the hospitals. 

Hopefully, the spread of this virus and its threat will pass swiftly. I’ve selected a few blogs to help us in clearing up congestion and to strengthen our immune systems.

Be safe, be well.