Have a bit of neck and shoulder pain?

Covid – 19 has changed many of our lives – from social distancing to changes in routines and exercise habits. You may have  stress and emotional upset, or maybe you kinked your neck binge watching shows, hunkering over your computer at zoom meetings or overworking in your garden – take your pick there are many options.

Neck and shoulder tightness and pain are a common enough pattern for clients in the best of times and when I can treat in person. I am committed to following social distancing and practices to prevent the spread of the virus – which means I still will not treat in person for our safety.

However, I can teach you some great tricks of the trade to use on yourself or family members you are safe at home with. I’ll demonstrate a very simple series of techniques, exercises and points that you can use to loosen up your neck and shoulders and help you relax. Ah…….

This class is free, but registration is required so I know who to send a zoom link and simple handout to.

This class is full! Woot. Watch for upcoming dates.

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