It’s August, which means it’s time for some changes! 

Schedule Update–I am will be transitioning the number of clients I see to a maximum of 16 clients a week, no more than 5 clients a day.  It’s a necessary step to maintain my strength and longevity for clients as I increase my teaching and writing. (And someone told me I was getting older…)

I will still have flexibility to take extra appointments by request if space allows. Email or call me directly to request other times than those shown in Bookeo.

My schedule will mostly remain the same, excepting that I will only see 1 or 2 clients on Wednesday and treat no more that 5 clients a day on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Also, I usually book out about 1 1/2- 2 weeks so I do recommend getting your appointments on the books.

  • Monday: Clients 10-6 (yes, of course I take lunch)
  • Tuesdays: Off
  • Wednesdays: Appointments 2-4 (by special request only)
  • Wednesdays: Teaching 5:30-8:30 (begins in August)
  • Thursdays: Clients 10-6
  • Fridays: Clients 9-1

Rate Increase–In 2008, I moved to a sliding scale from $60-75, asking clients to pay what they can afford on the scale. It’s been a little while since then.  Effective September 2017, I am increasing my scale to $70-85, asking that clients that can bump up $5-10 on the scale. Yes, I will still have my package deals and specials.

For those enrolled in the Everyday Living Program. Welcome! I’m really excited about this program. I will have a student portal area up on my website by the end of this week that will have links to protected posts for class lectures and notes. You will receive a password and login from me soon. I will also be setting up a Facebook group for the program and inviting you to it. Haven’t registered yet? You can here! 

Tongue and Pulse class in August is canceled. Watch for it in 2018.

Classes & programs 2018–At this time, I plan to run a few workshops and the Everyday Living Program in 2018. It’s my daughter’s senior year and want to make extra space for time with her before she flies away. Therefore, I will hold off on the 500-hour Amma Apprenticeship until fall of 2018.

Thank you all!