Wednesday, February 21st, 5:30-7:30, $45

A class by request.

Just as I prepare for travel, I am helping Clara prepare to go off to college. It’s what we are supposed to do, right? Provide them with as much knowledge as we can in life skills and hope that they apply the information turning it into wisdom. So what am I sending Clara off to college with? A bit of green clay, gan mao ling (for colds),  suan zao ren,  moxa heat packs are already on the list.

This class is designed to help students and their parents get ready for college. We won’t be talking about computers, bedding, towels, paper or classes. Rather this class will focus on what I as an Asian medicine and Holistic nutrition practitioner and teacher consider essential for the students to have. Stemming from one of the main principles of Asian medicine–know thyself– the goal here is to build a tool kit to empower themselves taking care of their own health.  If you or your student has particular health vulnerabilities (they get colds easily, or have digestive issue) we want to make sure they have simple therapies and remedies available.

Includes booklet with general information. This class is open to parents and is highly recommended for the teen.