You have found my resource page for herbs and supplements for clients and students!

As many of you know, I am not treating in person at this time due to the pandemic, this means I am also not keeping and herb inventory.  Fortunately, most herb and supplement companies have set up excellent systems to allow clients to order herbs and have them shipped direct. Perfect! Especially as I have clients here and across the country. Each company has a little bit of different set up. In most cases you will need to touch base with me so we can do a quick intake and make sure you are getting the right herbs/supplements. For clients outside the US, we have to do a little creative footwork to see what’s available in your area.

Crane Herb Company

This is where I get most of my Chinese Patent formulas, Health Concerns, Kan, KPC and numerous other lines. Crane requires me to set up a prescription for you and then they send you an email and you can ‘pick up’ your herbs.

Note – Health Concerns (the red and black bottles) who makes formulas including SPZM, Aspiration, Ease 2 is currently having problems with availability. I believe there was a buyout. Anyway, we may have to do a little reassessing and find a workable substitute.


Fullscript is one of my supplement suppliers. They carry such products as Osteocomplex, Pnuemoplex, Immustim and many others. For my clients and students, click the above link and create an account. I have to go in and add you as a patient and then give you access. I am still in the learning process with this website and all it offers for practitioners and clients alike. Oh, the new things we are learning this year.

Standard Process®

Standard Process is an awesome line of supplements and herbs that I have used since I started practicing. They have a new online patient ordering program called Patient Direct 

You can now get your Standard Process®, MediHerb®, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas supplements conveniently from us. You will need to connect with me to get my code that lets you sign up at Patient Direct at standardprocess.com.

Patient Direct Icon

Golden Lotus Lung Drops

Our favorite throat lozenges. These have saved me so many times during lectures. Clara takes these to Ireland with her too. Just the best.  Order these direct for yourself.