By request – Let me help you create some clarity and calm with a few simple tools in this uncertain time.

There are a lot of powerful changes going on in the world right now. Black Lives Matter, a rampant virus, environmental crisis, and economic and political systems that are dysfunctional – the list is long. I perceive these shifts as good opportunities to clean up and move forward with greater dignity, equality, and sustainability – but that doesn’t mean that this time is comfortable – and that’s okay.

In this simple workshop I will teach you a very simple starting meditation – one of the first one’s I learned – that I find I go back to often. We will cover a few breathing techniques, Amma techniques and points that are magnificent for helping decant excess emotions and allowing you to open and expand. I will also cover some simple herbs, teas and rituals that you may find helpful.

This class is free, however registration is required so I know who to send a zoom link and simple handout to.

Please join us.

Watch for upcoming dates!

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