April’s Online Special

Spring is coming!

As tired as we may be of Covid-19, it is still a significant threat. 

To do my part to help limit the spread of the coronavirus, I will continue to rest my hands. 

I will continue meet clients and students, old and new, online for personalized nutritional and herbal recommendations.  Here’s my latest special

Get 3 Online Consultations for $165 Save

Available now through March 15th.

These are highly personalized and flexible. Some clients want to use them as hourly, half hours or a combination of both.

Even if I can’t treat right now, I can still help. Email me if you have questions or want to do an online consultation, etc. 

I will be stepping up my blogs, Instagram and Facebook posts help us navigate this time. Get your package deal below, then book your appointment via my Square appointments.

We got this!

Be well, stay safe!

Thank you.