Welcome to 2021!

I hope your year is starting off well. 

I am gearing up to start the Amma lecture series – starting with the first class Holistic Nutrition – Intro to Food & Herb Energetics coming up January 16 & 17th.

I had a few questions over the break about the program and classes, so I thought I would address those and share them with you all. I also discovered that a discount button was broken, so I’ve fixed that and extended the discount. More on that below.

To start with – the Amma Lecture Series outline/week schedule for the whole year is up. You can view it all here. You will also find a quick video introduction from me with details including required books how I will start putting out class content, class reading, handouts and videos.

As mentioned in prior emails, for those enrolling or interested in the classes ideally I would like to meet with you to see where you are at.  Are you needing some or all of the content, what are your specifics goals? My intent is to keep this program as personalized and as apprenticeship minded as possible whether you are here in my town or across the globe. I have some considering that are nurses, some who have completed the whole program and only want this weekend or that weekend, and others who are starting from scratch. It’s all quite exciting to see the spectrum.

Here’s the questions and answers –

Can I take individual classes? Yes. Depending on the class you may have to meet prerequisites first. For example the Food Energetics Class in January is open to the public with no prerequisites. It can stand on its own. It is also a required course in the Amma Lecture series – however, some students have taken it so they don’t need to again. All current classes for the year are listed with their dates here.

What if I can’t make a class? For those enrolled in the class, you will have access to all content and the video from the class once it is has run. For classes with tests/assignments you will be responsible for getting those to me in allotted time unless there is a circumstance that may affect your ability to get it to me. In such cases we touch base and see what might work out.

Do I know when I can teach hands on yet? I wish I had a crystal ball. Not yet. (I have both a crystal ball and an end to pandemic on order, but so far they haven’t arrived). All joking aside.  As we can, I will start to weave in demonstrations and Self Amma techniques. Some of these may be woven into the current listed classes or we may opt in to meet online as a group or as individuals depending on their skills and what is needed. I have a number of ideas and possibilities roiling around and will definitely find a way to transmit as much of this until we can meet safely in person.

Not really a question but a clarification on discounts. 

  • 15% off the Amma Lecture series if enrolled and paid by January 15th. That’s a savings of $600 off the program fee of $4000.  This fee includes the Holistic Nutrition – Intro to Food & Herb Energetics class on January 16 & 17. You do not need to enroll for that class separately, I will enroll you. If you have already taken it, you can use the difference in amount to enroll in other classes I offer currently online of those coming up.
  • 15% off Holistic Nutrition – Jan 16 & 17. The discount button was broken so I have extended this discount through January 8th. If you were thinking about taking this class alone or paying as you go you are free to take advantage of this discount.

I think that covers everything that popped up in the last few weeks. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

I am very excited to be able to offer this incredible information in a way that works for our times.

Here’s to your health,